Wednesday 25 April 2018

Turn back time: How to have the ultimate throwback girls’ night out

Áine O Donnell

For one night only, party like it’s 1999.

There are plenty of things we are happy to leave in the past like our obsession with crimping our hair and our major crush on Ronan Keating.

One thing we always miss is the time we spent with our friends. Whether we were flicking through a magazine after school or flirting with the lads from the boys’ school across the road, having a good laugh with the girls are some of our fondest memories.

Why not recapture some of our nineties nostalgia with a throwback girls’ night out party? Forget about making a social media event, send all of your friends an invite in the post to your retro reunion.

Here’s our guide on how to throw the ultimate flashback bash:

Cassette - Copy.jpg

The playlist

Remember trying to record your favourite new song off the radio on your cassette before the annoying DJ started talking? That’s one thing we are glad to leave behind now we can listen to all our classic tunes online. The most important part of any girls’ night out has to be the playlist.

Photos - Copy.jpg

The photoshoot

“Delete that. Can we take it again?” something we are all guilty of saying when trying to take that perfect selfie. There are some things that even a filter can’t fix! Remember when we used to develop our pictures in the chemist before showing them off to our friends and putting them up on our bedroom walls? As part of your flashback bash, give each of your friends a disposable camera. Then just like the good old days, pop down to the chemist to get them developed before having a good laugh at all the pictures.

Dress Up - Copy.jpg

The dress code

Looking back on old photos, questionable fashion choices is something that always makes us cringe. But you can’t host a retro reunion without a throwback dress code: the tackier the better! Have a hunt around the attic for your statement power jacket with shoulder pads, your pedal-pushers and bomber jacket.

Sweets - Copy.jpg

The food

Remember the good old days when a 99 actually cost 99p and you didn’t have to break into your savings account to buy a few penny sweets? Treat your guests to some of the best cuisine the 20th century had to offer. Whip up a platter of crisp sandwiches then leave out bowls of some classic favourites like cola cubes and midget gems. Finish your evening off with Diet Coke floats, glasses of Diet Coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – make sure not to forget the cocktail umbrellas!

Mobiles - Copy.jpg

The rules

Remember spending all night chatting to your friends on the landline? Well, until Dad started giving out about the phone bill! To host an authentic throwback party, leave the smartphones at the door. This stops all your mates from messaging their boyfriends “sneakily” under the table and the dreaded photo tag notifications the next day. At the start, you might feel a bit lost without your smartphone. By the end of the night, you’ll be wishing you could go back to the first mobiles when you could charge your battery once and it lasted all week!

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