Saturday 17 March 2018

Try something new: 10 different dining experiences in Dublin

Ros Madigan

Yamamori Izakaya - George's Street
Yamamori Izakaya - George's Street

Remember: change is good. And when that change involves breaking free from your foodie routine, it’s all the better.

Most of us fall victim to familiarity, be that with trying new food or new places to dine out in. However, Dublin is going through a wee foodie revolution at the minute with loads of fine eateries popping up all over the city. The problem is trying to find the gems hidden amongst the clutter.

It may be the dishes that make a place stand out, it could also be the décor with a difference, maybe it could be the location or even the friendly staff that makes a place that bit special. We dug deep and delved into the lesser seen, or in this matter, the lesser tasted side of Dublin.

Izakaya - George’s Street

When you say the word ‘tapas’, you immediately think Spain. But what if you were to make Japanese tapas, what would they be called? ‘Japas’ of course!

Izakaya is located in the basement of Yamamori on George’s street. Grab a lychee cocktail and indulge in the fine selection of sushi, dumplings, pork gyoza and more. A fine place to grab a bite to eat in cosy, modern and intimate surroundings.

New additions to the Izakaya menu
New additions to the Izakaya menu

Terra Madre - Bachelors Walk

It’s nearly a certainty that you’ve walked past this establishment countless times without even noticing it. That’s one of the endearing things about Terra Madre - it’s Dublin’s little secret.

This tiny restaurant is located in one of the basement allotments on Bachelor's Walk in a restaurant that hold around 20 people. The menu is equally small and considered but is packed full of fresh, authentic Italian cooking - made by people who love southern Italian cuisine.

K Chido Mexico - Chancery Street

Mexican food is flying high in Dublin at the moment with many new eateries opening up all over the city. But none of the new eateries are located inside a truck…. yes, a truck.

K Chido Mexico is located on the Luas line in the entrance of Fegans Wholesale on Chancery Street, Dublin 7. Along with mouthwatering nachos, quesadillas and fajitas, you can also enjoy the breakfast burrito filled with egg, beans, cheese, rice and choice of bacon, chorizo or mushrooms. So that’s that sorted then, burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Thai Spice - Talbot Place

One of our favourite hidden gems in the city, Thai Spice offers up stunning Thai cuisine - with no MSG or artificial colourings. It’s located just off Talbot street and is only a stone's throw from Connolly Station. Quality food at reasonable prices in a restaurant that won’t be beaten for price or service.

Bread & Bones - Millennium Walkway

Following the trends of culinary hotspots from the around the world, Bread & Bones has brought a new style of food to Dublin. Recently opened on the Millennium Walkway in Dublin 2.

The restaurant serves up “Asian junk food” - bao, broths and banh-mi. All set in uber modern surroundings.

Govinda’s - Abbey Street / Aungier St

Before visiting Govinda’s, we were sceptical about visiting vegetarian restaurants around the city - especially considering the few options that Dublin has. But we needn’t have worried as Govinda’s selection of delicious and nutritious vegetarian food is not just good “for a veggy joint” but it’s pretty special for any restaurant.

The portions are plentiful and you get a choice of servings from their buffet style counter. But rest assured, the small plate is more than enough for most lunches and small dinners. And to add to that, each plate is served to you with a smile from their staff which will be sure to brighten up any gloomy day.

M + L - Just off O’Connell Street

If it’s straightforward taste you’re after - then M + L is top of many Dubliners' lists. It may not have the fancy location, the trendy social media campaigns or ultra stylish furnishings.

But what it does have is a very particular menu of dishes - a menu that make it absolutely irresistible for people like you and I.

Mongolian BBQ - Temple Bar

How many times have you eaten out and wanted to choose exactly what you have on your plate. No longer are you pushing those onions or broccoli to the side. At Mongolian BBQ in Temple Bar, you choose exactly what you want.

The process is easy. Choose from a selection of meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu. Then add your herbs, spices and sauce of your choice. Simply hand it to the grilling chefs and watch as your food is cooked right in front of your eyes on the huge BBQ frying plate.

La Peniche

Looking for something different? How about docking aboard La Peniche, a barge moored on the Grand Canal alongside Mespil Road. Each day there are two evening cruises at 6pm and 9pm. There is also a lunchtime service, and on a sunny day or evening, there is no better place to dine.

Dining on the canal
Dining on the canal

You can also choose to hire out the whole boat for special occasions. We’ve always fancied a life lived on the water - we may just start our adventure with a two-course meal.

Be Amused on Dawson Street

It may be a new restaurant but Head Chef Conor Dempsey has been on the food scene for quote some time working at Olivier Meisonnave's Dax Restaurant and at The Chop House. What Conor has done at Amuse is something really special. Taking his impressive knowledge of French haute cuisine he reinvents it with wilder, more exotic flavours shunning the heavy buttery aspect of French food in favour of a lighter more exciting freshness. The restaurant is a lovely 40-seater and is pared back to a brick wall and minimal furniture that reflects the bright, modern breeziness of the food. Try Amuse, you won’t be disappointed.

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