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Trick or Treat: Find out how you can support Temple Street Hospital this Halloween

Rachael Taylor Fawsitt

Mums and dads all around the world will agree that having young children in the family can really bring the spirit of a festive season to life. From their magical wonderment when Santa Clause comes to visit, to the spooky excitement that surrounds Halloween – kids love a good celebration.

And with Halloween just around the corner, MiWadi are all set for their sixth year as sponsors of the ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’ campaign, an exciting occasion where everyone can come together, have fun and support the children’s hospital.

Families, workplaces, schools, creches and communities are all being called upon to host a ghostly Halloween party and help raise funds for the Irish children’s hospital. Every gathering that is organised, big or small, will make up a vital part of this year’s fund-raising efforts.

Since its launch, the ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’ campaign has raised €1.9m for the hospital. These funds have gone towards many projects including a new classroom, a new parents’ room and have also contributed to the newly-constructed Neurology and Renal Outpatients Unit. This year, funds raised will help to upgrade and replace specialised equipment from cardiac monitors to incubators.

Hosting a party is easy! Here are five easy steps to get the party started:

1. Sign up for your FREE ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’ party pack by simply filling out a quick form online (which you can find HERE). Your pack will be sent within four days to help you organise your spine-chilling event.

2. Choose your date. Giving your guests lots of notice is the best way to ensure everyone who wants to be there can plan ahead.

3. Let others help – Planning a party doesn’t have to be stressful. Ask friends and family to help you out on the day so that you can enjoy yourself too.

4. Make it extra special – Download the official invites, DIY decorations and fun games from the Temple Street website to give your party a personal touch.

5. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise – Trick or Treat is about having fun and raising vital funds for Temple Street, so don’t forget the collection box on the day.

The Temple Street website is also full of tips, ideas and step-by-step guides for throwing a flawless Halloween bash. It even has some crafty Halloween inspired recipes that all your little goblins and ghouls are sure to love.

As well as being a great way to get family and friends together, hosting a party will help so many other families around Ireland who rely on Temple Street to care for their children and give them much-needed treatment. Families like Alicia’s, who at two-years-old was diagnosed with Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome, an overgrowth condition that affected her tongue.

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Alicia with Anna Daly

A few months after her diagnosis, Alicia was referred to the Craniofacial Team, in Temple Street, which mum Laura and dad Jonathan say was both nerve wrecking and daunting.

“We met Mr. Murray and the rest of the team – he was so calming, as I was a bag of nerves,” says Laura. “He understood the syndrome and I really felt at ease.”

Alicia needed surgery which was a worry for both her parents.

“It was essential for Alicia to have this surgery and her stay wasn’t going to be long. The nurses on the morning went above and beyond for us. I cried and cried even more bringing her down. Everyone was so caring and understanding. The waiting is probably the worst – she is our one and only and it was definitely frightening.”

Laura says that their experience in Intensive Care particularly stands out in her mind.

“It is here I got to see the absolute courage and care that each nurse had for their patients. Machines beeping, nurses running – it was definitely an experience that we hope we never find ourselves in with Alicia, but I know if it did happen that she would be in the best care possible.”

Thankfully, Alicia is on the other side of her surgery now and is progressing well. Laura has a lot of gratitude for the hospital and its staff.

“Alicia has a long road ahead – three monthly scans until the age of seven or eight and speech therapy. But I definitely wouldn’t have any hesitation in attending Temple Street again if needed for surgery. The nurses and doctors there do not get enough credit, and without the Craniofacial Team, my daughter’s speech wouldn’t have improved. I’ll always be grateful for the care she received.”

Temple Street cares for over 147,000 children and their families each year and they rely heavily on the generous donations that come from every corner of the country. This Halloween, by getting involved in the Trick or Treat festivities, you can directly make a difference to the hospital and its patients. So go on, what are you waiting for? Let the Halloween festivities begin!

Trick or Treat for Temple Street is proudly supported by MiWadi. Host a party, help Temple Street - register for your free party pack by phoning 01 878 4344 or visiting the website. The funds raised will have a hugely positive impact on the children’s hospital, as it will help to upgrade and replace specialised equipment from cardiac monitors to incubators.

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