Sunday 17 December 2017

Top 6 ways to dust proof your house this spring

Spring cleaning time!

Spring has sprung and the brighter sunlight and longer evenings only seem to accentuate the dust particles that have gathered on every horizontal surface in homes across Ireland over the winter!


If you feel it’s time to spring clean, bust that dust and avoid triggering allergy reactions before pollen season kicks in, here are 5 top ways to dust proof your house this spring:


1.  Bust that Dust

Busy lifestyles leave very little time for dusting and the last thing anybody wants after a busy day in the office or with children is to think about dust. 


The first thing to do when considering how to dust proof your house this spring is to reduce dust by cutting down its sources.  A massive percentage of household dust comes from fabric and from people.  Small fibres, plant pollen, fibres from clothes and paper and flakes of skin float in the air and settle on surfaces.  The key is not to spread dust around when cleaning it, but to capture it as quickly as possible. Feather dusters will only spread dust but if you dampen your cloths before dusting it will hold dust much better.  Clean higher surfaces first and work your way down.

2.  Look for Innovation: Use the Right Vacuum

If you don’t want a cloud of dust when emptying your vacuum cleaner look for the most innovative solutions on the market.  Find the right vacuum for you.  Miele has introduced its first ever bagless vacuum cleaner the Blizzard, that’s ideal for the homes of allergy sufferers.  Up to 99.999% of the smallest particles of fine dust and allergens have been proven to be retained by this new system.  This excellent filtration performance has been confirmed by the medical organisation ‘Allergy UK’ as certified suitable for those with allergies.  The Miele Blizzard has been given the quality seal of approval for its powerful overall dust retention capacity.

3. Beat it!

It’s a great idea to bring out rugs, cushions and upholstery outside and beat them or give them a good shake. All these fabrics hold in dust and if you hang them across the clothesline and use a tennis racket or broom to get the dust out of them you’ll notice a marked difference and it will help to dust proof your home. 

If you really want to completely dust proof your house then go for furniture that’s leather or covered in a vinyl type fabric or wood or plastic. Also consider replacing curtains and heavy drapery with blinds or shutters which can be easily dusted.

4.  Wash Weekly

One of the best ways to dust-proof your house is to really focus on bedding in each room.  If you rotate your mattress and wash all bedclothes and pillowcases weekly, it will make a marked difference, particularly to stop dust mites dwelling.

If you – or your family – are allergy prone, it’s a good idea to add washable allergy covers to your mattress. Wardrobes are another area that need attention. Storing clothes in plastic containers or bags by season will help to stop dust gathering and heavy winter clothes can be the biggest culprits when it comes to dust, so it’s ideal to keep them in cloth bags and keep the floor surface of wardrobes clean so that they can be vacuumed easily.  Also try not to keep too many piles of magazines and books, as these are particularly troublesome dust collectors.

5.  Tackle Those Cracks

One of the best ways to bust the dust in your home is to seal up as many cracks around the house as possible.  Fireplaces are a particular place to tackle first as are window frames and doors.  The more cracks that you can seal around the house the less dust you will have to continually tackle.

Also make sure to sweep the floors as much as possible.  Certain areas in the house tend to have a lot of dust, like hallways and kitchens.  Going over the floors once again with a wet mop is a great way of collecting dust you may have missed with the initial sweep.  Make sure people take off their shoes when entering the house as mud and dirt that comes in on shoes eventually becomes dust as it dries out.

6.  Don’t Forget your Pet!

Grooming your household pets can really help to bust the dust.  Fur and dander can really add to the household dust count.  Grooming them in the bathroom or utility room is better than doing it in the living room as it will ensure any airborne dust doesn’t gather in living areas.  The Miele Blizzard Cx1 Cat and Dog Powerline Vacuum is ideal for dog and cat owners as its extremely high flow velocity ensures outstanding separation of coarse soiling and fine dust in different containers.  Also make sure to wash dog and cat bedding as often as possible.

Miele Fancy.jpg

Miele has added the Blizzard, a new bagless vacuum, to its premium vacuum range. The Blizzard is not just another bagless vacuum. A range of innovative features means that while it comes with all the durability and premium design consumers expect from Miele, it is also more hygienic to operate than other bagless vacuums, and because of its lifetime filter, as well as bagless convenience, it has zero add on costs.

The Miele Blizzard range has superior hygiene benefits due to its Gore® unique CleanStream® Filter. Unilke other bagless vacuums this allows really fine dust particles to be filtered out and trapped in a separate container to the main waste compartment. This is turn means the user can avoid the dust irritation that can arise when using other bagless vacuum cleaners.

The Blizzard also features a HEPA® AirClean® lifetime filter which means that 99.999.% of smaller particles and allergens are retained by the system. The Blizzard has received the Birtish Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. It is also incredibly powerful, with its vortex technology creating an airflow of over 100km/h, and easy to use, with a Click2Open function for simple emptying, 360° castors for smooth movement on any surface, and long cable range of up to 10metres for larger rooms.

Go to to learn how to bust the dust for Spring 2017.


Sponsored by: Miele

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