Tuesday 17 July 2018

Top 10 back to school tips to ease stress and save money

These back-to-school tips can make your kids' and your life a lot easier this September

We’re getting closer to the back-to-school rush and it can be a stressful time for parents and children alike. Luckily though, we’ve got a few top tips to help ease the stress and save money, so you can actually enjoy the back-to-school period.

Tea tree oil or lavender for hair

We all live in fear of our kids coming home with the dreaded note from the school saying they’ve got ‘guests’ in their hair. The whole house goes into health crisis management mode just short of calling in Médecins Sans Frontières and the UN. However there is an easy way to give your kids the best chance of not picking up head-lice. Tea tree oil is an effective deterrent however it does have a very strong smell and can be harsh on the hair. Lavender oil is milder and more effective, plus it smells a lot better too. Put a few drops from a dropper onto your hands and rub, then rub your hands through your child’s hair before combing it in. There’s probably no way to guarantee your children won’t get nits at some point, but you’ll give them the best chance against an infestation. If they do get them, treat the hair immediately. You can put hats scarfs and jackets in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any lice or eggs that might be on them.


Hand sanitizer in the school bag

Colds, flus and bugs are inevitable during the first few months of back-to-school. Take a cue from our hospitals and give your kids a bottle of hand sanitizer to stick in their school bag. Teach them to regularly clean their hands with it and you’ll give them a good chance against picking up viruses. It’s not recommended for younger kids as hand sanitizer contains ethanol, talk to your teacher before you do give it to them, and there are alcohol-free products on the market.


There is an app for that

Don’t forget the learning power of your phones and tablets in the run up to the back to school period. Get your children back into the swing of studying by replacing any games they might be playing with educational apps to stimulate their growing minds. Have a look here for the top 10 apps for kids, as well as these top 50 apps for families.

Hummus with vegetable sticks

Need a delicious, nutritious snack for your children’s lunch box? Hummus is tasty and so easy to make. You can make a big tub of it and keep it in the fridge, then when you’re making the kids’ lunch, they can take a small tub of it with them. Chop up carrots and celery sticks as well pieces of pitta bred they can dip in. They’ll love it.

Sparkling water with cordial

Obviously you don’t want your children drinking fizzy drinks every day at lunch, but in case they’re feeling left out, you can give them sparkling water with a sugar –free cordial. They’ll never know the difference.

Make extra pasta

It may sound obvious, but every time you make pasta for dinner, make some extra. You can make a pasta salad for the children’s lunch box. Lunch doesn’t always have to be sandwiches and there’s so much you can do with cold pasta. Click here for recipe ideas.

For school uniforms, buy quality at the right price

Many schools require that you buy the official jumper with the school crest. That’s fine but there are alternatives for shirts, polo shirts, shoes, trousers, skirts and everything else you need. F&F at Tesco offers a range of high-quality uniforms and back to school essentials to suit every budget, offering families cost-effective and time-saving solutions for the new school term all under one roof. For just €6.50, parents can purchase a great value uniform bundle which includes a combination of a blue polo shirt, a navy jumper and navy trousers for boys or a navy skirt for girls. With 100% cotton polo’s, a permanent pleated skirt and stain-resistant fabrics on both the trousers and skirts, this is a great value deal with quality at its core. It’s a good idea to talk to you children’s friends’ parents so they buy the same.

Budget and talk to your school

Set out a budget for your books, your school supplies, the first few weeks lunch as well as for uniform, treats and everything else you’ll need for the back to school period. Your school will have plenty of money saving tips and will be glad to share them with you. Tesco Ireland has teamed up with Schoolbooks.ie, to offer all Tesco Clubcard members the opportunity to earn Clubcard points with every €1 they spend on Schoolbooks.ie. Schoolbooks.ie is also offering customers the option of choosing a further 12.5% discount on their total order or free covers for their school books - customer can select their preferred option at the online checkout.

Stock up on school supplies throughout the year

It’s a bit late now for this year, but you can start for next year. It’s worth buying a bit extra of all your school supplies so you can dip into them throughout the year. Not only will you have them at hand when you need them, but if you buy in off peak moments, you’ll save money too.

Try a few practice school runs before the first day

Ready, steady….GO! Try a few practice school runs before the big day, especially if the kids are attending new schools. Get a stop watch and time how long it takes door to door, if you beat your personal best, the kids get treats. It will save on the hysterical mornings when you driving the car in your pyjamas.


Tesco offers quality schoolwear at great prices with its F&F range for all your back to school needs. The range aims to make life that little bit easier for parents by offering great value prices, high-quality, fantastic range, colours and availability as well as accessibility, with the option to shop in-store or online.

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