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Tips for buying a small car in 2016


January 2016 is set to see new car sales in Ireland go into overdrive. Is this the year of the small car? Here are 7 tips top buying a small car in 2016.

The supermini, a small sized car that thinks it’s a big car has been around a few years and with solid sales only set to increase a lot of manufacturers have placed their stock in urban breed. 2016 will bring a whole raft of new models and so there is ever more to choose from. How can you be sure you’re ticking all the boxes when you’re looking for a small car that offers the highest quality in safety, reliability as well as practicality and driver experience?

Make the most of your space

You have to compromise on space when it comes to a small car, but that’s the deal. However some cars manage the trade-off better than others. The Suzuki have done a very good job of squeezing every last inch of space form their Celerio. It’s a small car that feels a lot bigger than it is. Thanks to its long wheelbase (the space between the front and back wheels, the cabin feels roomier than the car’s outside dimensions would lead you to believe, the effect is enhanced by the car’s relatively large front and back windows, so long journeys in a full car feel less claustrophobic. A cramped luggage compartment can but potential buyers off buying a small car, but the Suzuki Celerio boats a 254 litre of boot space, which the manufacturer claims is class leading.

Think reliability

Japanese cars rule the roost on terms of reliability according to the UK reliability index and Suzuki consistently places high on the list. Last year’s Warranty Direct survey published by What Car? Magazine ranked Suzuki in second place overall across 37 manufacturers. The Reliability Index takes into account all factors of a repair including the cost of parts, frequency of failures as well as time off the road. Suzuki cars measured in the survey had an average age of 5.35 years, kilometres of 63,085 (39,200 miles) with time off the road of just 1.93 hours in the event of a warranty claim. There were no nasty surprises in store either as the average repair cost across the Suzuki range was €307 – the lowest of all manufacturers. That means piece of mind for Suzuki owners but it has a bearing on insurance costs also.


Don’t forget the fun

Just because a car is small doesn’t mean you should compromise on driving experience. Suzuki cars have something of a cult following in Ireland with many customers retiring to the brand again and again. There are many reasons for this but chiefly, it’s because Suzuki cars are fun to drive. The Suzuki Swift is well renowned for being a responsive and agile small car gripping well on corners and its low centre of gravity means there’s little body lean. It performs as well on city streets as it does on the open road and a test drive will prove it.

Look for value

In 2016 value is a more fundamental aspect of your auto purchase than ever before. While the Suzuki Swift and Celerio can rival other quality car manufacturers in every aspect, they win hands down when it comes to value. With the Swift priced from €13,995 for a 3 door and €14,995 for the 5 door, and the Celerio from €10,995 the Suzuki small cars offer exceptional value. Suzuki are offering 161 offers on their new Swift, Celerio and S-Cross Petrol models. Each come with 6 months Free Road Tax and 5,000 kilometres of Free Fuel which is a lot of free driving.


Fuel economy

With fuel cost low at the moment it might be tempting to consider fuel economy as less important, however, fuel prices are always volatile and just because they’re low now doesn’t mean they could surge in the near future. By and large small cars represent good fuel efficiency across all models but according to What Car? The 5 door Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Dualjet was the most economical by some distance.

Consider resale value

The benefit of buying a new car is that you get a factory-new model with zero wear and tear that is primed for absolute optimum performance. However, these benefits can be negated if the car’s resale value isn’t high on the model you bought. The Suzuki Swift and Celerio maintain a strong resale value so if and when you decide to go for a newer model you can be sure of a return on your original spend. Just another reason to consider the Japanese car manufacturer in 2016.


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