Monday 10 December 2018

“This is what we’re made of”

A huge global success story – but did you know it’s made here?

It’s likely to be in your medicine cabinet at home; it’s a go-to product for pain relief when needed and it’s one of this country’s big business success stories … but bets are on that you never knew it was made in Ireland.

So have you guessed what it is yet? Now exporting to over 70 countries worldwide, it will surprise many people to know that their trusty Panadol tablets are ‘Made in Ireland’.

Around 6.5 billion Panadol tablets are produced and exported every year – that’s a whopping 150 tablets per second. The company has been based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford for the past 37 years and now employs 700 people there across two sites, with over 450 of these involved in the production of Panadol tablets. 

Heritage and History Deep Rooted in Ireland

This heritage and history, deep rooted in the region, has seen the company grow to become a leader in world pharmaceuticals – a significant achievement for a country of this size and a testament to the strength and sophistication of Irish manufacturing.

Panadol tablets are made in Ireland and are now trusted worldwide. However, while it has become global it is still very local. Showing a continued commitment to strongly embedding itself locally by supporting Ireland and all things Irish, the company has partnered with RTÉ to sponsor popular high-rating TV programmes Nationwide and Ear to the Ground. 

The Panadol team in Waterford has been described as the company’s ‘best kept secret’ by Brian Fox, GSK Dungarvan Site Manager and realising that their strength lies in this asset, the staff have now become centre stage in a new “This is what we’re made of” innovative cross-media campaign being rolled-out that shines a light on just how Irish Panadol really is.

Dungarvan and GSK Have Grown Together

Brendan Morrissey, who works with Panadol at GSK Dungarvan, is one such proud member of staff who joined in the very first year of Panadol production in Dungarvan.  “In that time, the company, now GSK, and Dungarvan have grown together. Employee numbers have grown from 60 to over 450 now producing Panadol. The success of the Panadol brand has brought economic benefit to Dungarvan, especially in the last decade, as other traditional industries in the town closed or moved their operations. GSK and Panadol is still proud to call Dungarvan home”.

Dedication, Passion and Community

It’s only right that the staff and their own unique stories are now coming centre stage – the tight-knit team is working now to supply 70 markets all across the world and the global reach includes Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and America. Dungarvan is now one of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s major consumer healthcare manufacturing sites in the world.

Dedication, passion and community and a strong commitment from the employees and management at Dungarvan has resulted in the company reaching far-off destinations in the world proudly embracing their “Made in Ireland” stamp.

As people across the world reach for and open the 250 million blister packs manufactured in the South East of Ireland every year, they’re boosting the Irish economy and giving a nod to a trusted brand. 

A Workforce with a Difference

The highly skilled workforce is one with a difference. The team employed at Dungarvan includes grandfathers and fathers and sons working together along with mothers and daughters. The equivalent of over 10% of the population of the town now works with Panadol in the GSK site in Dungarvan– a unique team built up and a bond forged in Dungarvan, nurtured and developed over 30 years.

“Part of our purpose at Dungarvan” concludes Brian Fox, “is to be the very best site that we can be – to secure our future, but equally to secure the future of the community in the South East of Ireland.  This is what we’re made of!”

As part of the ‘This is what we’re made of’ campaign, Panadol has partnered with RTE to sponsor two returning favourites; Nationwide and Ear to The Ground.

Panadol 500mg film coated tablets contain paracetamol. For pain relief. Always read the label/leaflet.

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