Friday 20 September 2019

This is officially Ireland’s number one supermarket

What makes us prefer one supermarket over another?

Price, certainly- with so many expenses to juggle keeping our grocery bills down is a must for most people. We produce so much amazing produce in Ireland, from dairy to vegetables, baked goods and meat, that locally sourced, quality produce is equally as important.

We also want a supermarket that has an extensive product range, making it a literal one-stop-shop for everything on our shopping list.

There are supermarkets that deliver all of the above- but then there are supermarkets that do a little bit more. They are the ones that have expert butchers and bakers in-store, every day. The supermarkets with friendly, knowledgeable staff that go above and beyond in helping you navigate the aisles. The supermarkets that do more than just sell groceries, but are businesses committed to giving back to their community with ongoing local initiatives. 

This is exactly what you’ll find in your local SuperValu, and the reason it has once again topped the  Irish grocery market as the number one supermarket chain. SuperValu values its customers above all else, and invested €15 million in money-off vouchers for its Real Rewards loyalty programme from January to Easter. They are committed to making their shopping experience seamless for all customers by developing tailored in-store services such as their autism friendly stores, the first of their kind in any supermarket in Ireland.

We caught up with loyal SuperValu shopper, and new mum, Kathryn Thomas in her local Palmerstown store to find out just why she thinks SuperValu has earnt its number one spot.

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