Monday 21 October 2019

This family will save an incredible €2500 per year by switching to an electric vehicle

Even small savings make a big difference when you have a young family. But what if you found a car that slashed your motoring costs, gave you more freedom and helped to bring you closer to your family?

For software developer Aleksei Jusev, that’s exactly what happened when he made the switch from a petrol car to a Nissan LEAF. Aleksei and his wife Tatjana are already seeing the benefits of going electric after just three short months.

The spreadsheet that Aleksei has meticulously kept since buying a Nissan LEAF tells its own story. 

“I did 10,000km in the car in the first two months,” he points out. “That cost us €100 in electricity, or 1c for every 1km. If I drove the same distance in my old petrol car we would have had to fill it up 12 times. That would have cost us €840.”

The Jusev family are based in Athy in Co Kildare but Aleksei’s parents, grandmother, brother and cousins all live in Dublin. That may only be 70km away but the cost of petrol used to prevent his family from visiting their relations as much as he would have liked.

“It cost €70 per week to fill it up,” he explains, referring to the seven-seater that the family used to drive. “That’s €300 a month although we kept to €210, sometimes €250, and only did about 600km or less each month. We were restricted by fuel costs.”

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They’re now saving roughly €200 a month in fuel costs alone, which comes to savings of nearly €2,500 a year. These days, they can take Evelyn (7) and Alex (3) to see their cousins without having to consider the cost.

“The LEAF is so cheap to run that we can just jump into the car and pay them a surprise visit. It keeps us connected to our family and our kids get to spend more time with their cousins.

“Some days we would do over 200km and generally we do in and around 900km each week. We have the freedom to go to places now with our kids to enjoy a day out and we are not restricted by the cost of days out or eating out, thanks to the money we are saving on fuel costs. The car has freed up disposal income.”

Even charging their electric car turned out to be a painless process, after Aleksei installed a 7kWh charger in their home. He’ll sometimes use the three-pin “granny” plug when visiting family or friends, just to keep it topped up. There can be a perception that electric cars are impractical if you live in the country or drive long distances but Aleksei dismisses this as nonsense.

“I never worry about range because I know what the car can do and that it will cover me,” he explains. “When it drops to about 30pc or 40pc, I plug it in for a few hours and that will get me through another day.”

“I did 260km on one charge driving from Kildare to Dublin including driving around the city, to Blanchardstown, out to the airport and back home. Most of my driving was at motorway speeds and I had 9pc left in the battery when I got home.”

The family have also taken it from Kildare to Cork, only stopping for a short charge when they were 70km away from their destination.

“Charging the car is a really simple process. My usual routine is to plug it into the home charger but I have used the granny cable to top it up at my parent’s home and also used the rapid chargers when I needed them.”

The car has also proven a hit with the rest of the family. The kids love how nippy the Nissan LEAF is compared to the old seven-seater and Tatjana enjoys how quiet it is on the road. Unsurprisingly, it’s the technology that impresses software developer, Aleksei.

“Driving with ePedal is awesome,” he says. “It was one of the reasons why I bought the car. I never drove automatic before and I wanted to have the same experience with one pedal for accelerating and braking. I was nervous using it at first but I got used to it very quickly and I’m not using the brake pedal at all now, even when parking. I can control everything with ePedal.”

Aleksei also loves the Nissan LEAF’s semi-autonomous ProPilot system, an advanced driver-assistance tool that offers automated parking and cruise control. 

“ProPILOT is real intelligent driving,” adds Aleksei. “It does everything for you. The car picks up blind spots, keeps you in lane and applies the emergency brake if you need it. It’s very reassuring and it makes driving more comfortable.”

The switch to electric has meant more than just swapping to an environmentally-friendly option for the family. It has given them more freedom to visit their loved ones and the advanced technology of the Nissan LEAF has also given them a smarter driving experience. However, it’s hard to ignore the savings that they’ve already made, the projected savings, and the difference that this extra cash can make to their lives.

“I estimate that we will save at least €5,000 over the next two years by driving EV. That’s a lot of disposal income for our family. The other bonus is that we are not restricted anymore. We can go anywhere we want, at any time. We will never go back to petrol or diesel. We love our Nissan LEAF.”

To find out what it’s like to drive the world’s best-selling electric car, we talked to Nissan LEAF drivers in Ireland.

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