Thursday 26 April 2018

SMILE 3rd generation laser eye surgery
SMILE 3rd generation laser eye surgery

Third generation laser eye surgery comes to Ireland

The Wellington Eye Clinic recently became the first clinic to introduce SMILE, a 3rd generation laser eye surgery, to the Republic of Ireland.

SMILE offers patients all the great benefits of LASIK surgery, including a short recovery time, with the major difference between the two surgeries being that the SMILE procedure is performed without making a flap in the cornea.

Dr Arthur Cummings, Medical Director at the Wellington Eye Clinic and Head of the Department of Eye Surgery at the Beacon Hospital, explains SMILE; “We are delighted to be the first to bring SMILE to the Republic. SMILE is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction procedure, building on top of the excellent foundations of PRK and LASIK/LASEK surgeries. SMILE could be described as ‘keyhole lasik’, essentially LASIK without the need for a flap.

“It will be of particular benefit to patients with higher degrees of short-sightedness and astigmatism, together with those with thinner corneas. Typically if the corneas are too thin for LASIK, the only alternative would be LASEK or PRK which have longer recoveries. SMILE now offers these patients the benefits of a quicker recovery than LASEK. On top of this, it’s also beneficial for sufferers of dry eye conditions as there is less chance of irritation after surgery. The Wellington Eye Clinic is pleased to be the first to offer this option to patients, and with the procedure having already being performed on over 150,000 eyes worldwide, we’re expecting SMILE to be in high demand,” said Dr Cummings.

The Wellington Eye Clinic introduced laser refractive surgery to Ireland in 1990 and has performed over 50000 surgeries since then including 40000 laser eye surgeries. The clinic is surgeon led meaning that patients see a surgeon from the very first consultation, and it prides itself on using Irish doctors, rather than flying surgeons in from other countries. The 2 ophthalmologists have been improving people’s quality of vision at the Wellington Eye Clinic for a combined 43 years and this means the Wellington Eye Clinic has an enviable affinity with its patients.

For more information on SMILE please watch the video below, and to book a consultation please contact the Wellington Eye Clinic on 01 2930470.

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