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These sugar free ice pop recipes are perfect for the family this summer

Rachael Taylor Fawsitt

The summer months have finally arrived, and nothing goes better with a sunny day than a homemade ice pop. These pops are perfect for mums and dads who want great flavour for the kids, without all the refined sugar that comes with traditional sweet desserts.

These simple recipes have fresh fruit, are dairy free and taste delicious! A splash of MiWadi guarantees that you get plenty of fruit flavour with none of the sugar. Why not give them a try and see which flavours your family loves the most.

Getting started is easy, you just need a few simple bits and away you go.

1. A blender (or smoothie maker) to puree fruit - If you don’t have one of these, don’t worry. Lots of fruit can still be mashed using a fork, even if the consistency will be a little less smooth.
2. MiWadi 0% Sugar- a variety of your favourite flavours.
3. Lolly moulds - You can pick these up in supermarkets and homeware stores around Ireland. Most will come with reusable sticks but if not, wooden ice-cream sticks will do just the trick.
4. Space in the freezer - Make sure you have room to fit the moulds in before starting.
5. Time – These are super quick and easy to make. Just keep in mind that they take roughly four to five hours to freeze, so plan ahead.

Creamy Strawberry, Orange and Mango Pops


2 mangos, 2 cups of strawberries, 400ml of plain sugar free yoghurt (use soya or oat yoghurt for dairy-free), 4 tablespoons of MiWadi 0% Sugar Orange

Serves: 8-10


1. Peel and pit the mangos and puree in blender.
2. Add 200ml of the yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of MiWadi 0% Sugar Orange, then set aside.
3. Next, clean blender then add strawberries and puree with rest of yoghurt and MiWadi 0% Sugar Orange.
4. To create a layered look, alternate between spooning mango mix and strawberry.
5. Pour into the moulds, filling them halfway, and freeze for one to two hours.
6. Add in the ice cream sticks when semi frozen (so that the stick stays in the middle). Freeze until hard.

Apple and Pear Pops


400ml water, 100ml MiWadi 0% Sugar Apple & Pear.

Serves: 8-10


1. Dilute the MiWadi 0% Sugar Apple & Pear by mixing with the water in a jug. Taste it, to make sure you are happy with the flavour.
2. Pour into the moulds, filling them halfway and, freeze for one to two hours.
3. Add in the ice cream sticks when semi frozen (so that the stick stays in the middle). Freeze until hard.

Chunky Lemonade Pops


400ml of water, 100ml MiWadi No Added Sugar Lemon, 1 kiwi, 10 strawberries, 5 raspberries, 1 apricot, 10 blueberries (swap any fruit for other favourites)

Serves: 6-8


1. Peel apricot and kiwi and chop fruit into small pieces.
2. Place evenly into lolly moulds and fill to top.
3. Mix water and MiWadi No Added Sugar Lemon together.
4. Pour the water and MiWadi No Added Sugar Lemon mix on top of the fruit.
5. Add in the ice cream sticks when semi frozen and then freeze until hard.

Simple Summer Berry pops

berry pops.jpeg


15 blackberries, 15 raspberries, 5 strawberries, 10 blueberries (all can be fresh or frozen), 400ml plain sugar free yoghurt (soya or oat for dairy-free), 3 tablespoons of MiWadi 0% Sugar Apple Berry, 3 tablespoons of honey

Serves – 6-8


1. Puree all fruit in blender with 1 tablespoon of honey and set aside.
2. Clean blender and add yoghurt, MiWadi 0% Sugar Apple Berry and 2 tablespoons of honey – blend together.
3. Spoon yoghurt mix into mould until about ¾ way full.
4. Add berry mix to rest of mould.
5. Add in sticks when semi-frozen and freeze until hard.

*Note – the natural sugars in the honey stops the yoghurt from going too ‘icy’, use a local organic honey to get the best quality as well as getting a burst of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Keeping refreshed couldn’t be simpler with MiWadi. With plenty of flavours to choose from, there’s something to suit all taste buds. MiWadi – no sugar, all the fun.

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