Friday 18 January 2019

The SUV that comes with next-generation technology

When French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot unveiled the first automobile in the late 18th century, the world was awed by this revolutionary machine. Since that first steam-powered journey there have been phenomenal advancements in motoring thanks to ever-evolving technology.

It is difficult to image Cugnot and his peers envisaging a future where vehicles include innovative features such as voice command, with digital touch displays and even night vision; but that is exactly what our cars now offer.

In this modern age, vehicles do more than just transport us. The Volkswagen Touareg is a new-generation SUV that encompasses intuitive technology, a peerless infotainment system and incredibly sleek aesthetic. Ahead of its June release, we take a look under the bonnet of this cutting-edge SUV to see what sets it apart from the rest.


Innovision: The Volkswagen Touareg

From the moment you get into the driver’s seat of the Touareg it’s clear this is a game-changing offering in the SUV market. A first among Volkswagen models, the optional Innovision Cockpit is housed behind a 15” curved glass display that is tilted towards the driver, seamlessly integrated into the Infotainment system.

The optional Innovision Cockpit can be operated by touch, voice or even gesture, making fiddling controls and buttons a thing of the past. This driver-orientated system displays a plethora of functions including apps from your smartphone.

The customisable interface allows you to pick and choose which features to have front and centre, all of which can be enlarged with a zoom tool, something not previously possible with conventional speedometers and screens.


The Volkswagen Touareg

In an always-on world, we need seamless connectivity. Car-Net is a mobile online service that keeps you constantly connected, and is a standard in the Touareg.

This smart system assists you while on the road, with the ability to adapt your route depending on traffic, find a free parking space at your destination ahead of time and can even read out the day’s headlines as you drive. When you’re not in the car, Car-Net can also tell you the status of your fuel tank, whether the doors and boot are locked and even if the lights have been left on.

Optimum protection

Exceptional design: The Volkswagen Touareg

Safety is paramount in all Volkswagen vehicles. This commitment to providing the very best in safety features have garnered them a reputation as leaders in reliability, quality and safety. The new Volkswagen Touareg features some impressive developments to their existing line-up of market-leading driver assistance features, such as optional night vision. This optional system is high-tech and responsive, with an infra-red camera that can detect up to 300 metres ahead. Heat radiated from objects such as people or animals will show up on a thermal image and can aid drivers in acting quickly, particularly with impaired visibility during rain or fog.

The Volkswagen Touareg resists rolling, particularly around bends, thanks to optional electro-mechanical active roll stabilisation. While that might be a bit of a mouthful, essentially the stabiliser works electro-mechanically rather than hydraulically, which means the vehicle can react far quicker even at lower speeds. The Touareg has exceptional steering precision thanks to advanced traction on uneven road surfaces, making for an exceptionally smooth driving experience.

Proactive Occupant Protection is an optional system that reacts when a possible critical situation is detected, using information from various vehicle systems. If danger is detected, the vehicle reacts instantly; belts are tightened, seats are adjusted and doors, windows and sunroof are automatically closed. Traffic Jam Assist is another optional feature that aids the driver in stop-and-go traffic situations, reducing the chance of collisions by automatically operating the accelerator and brake.


The Volkswagen Touareg

First impressions count and the Volkswagen Touareg is a masterclass in impactful design from the moment its expansive front comes into view. The sleek vertical grill gives way to chrome strips that extend over the headlight lenses while the elongated bonnet makes for a distinctive front. This sleek appearance continues to the back where fluid shoulders and large chrome tailpipes underscore its sporty, masculine aesthetic.

Inside, the dynamic design is in your hands with endless options available. Imbue your vehicle with your own personality and really make it yours with interior trim options available from different specification lines on request. Choose from three sleek Style packs- ‘Elegance’, ‘Atmosphere’ or R-Line- each offering a different but equally striking finish. For a driving experience that feels as good as it looks, the optional ergoComfort seat features fourteen adaptable positions including seat and side panels, leg support and seat depth, along with seat temperature control for the perfect level of comfort in all conditions.

To see more, explore the Touareg in detail using the 3D visualizer and sign up here for exclusively details ahead of its release.

Full SUV range

The Touareg’s highly anticipated release this June will be another addition to Volkswagen’s dynamic SUV range; no matter what your needs are there is something to suit you among this impressive suite of vehicles.

Their most compact SUV is the T-Roc, the fresh and stylish new model that is perfect for those who want to venture into the SUV segment. Next step up in size is the Tiguan which comes replete with next-generation technology, innovative exterior styling and a spacious interior.

If you need a little more room for adventure, it is also available with seven seats in the Tiguan Allspace model. The all-new Touareg joins an expanding family of Volkswagen SUVs, but has all the flair and innovation to stand out on its own. View Volkswagen’s complete SUV range here.

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