Thursday 23 May 2019

The kids area: A DIY update for the little ones

As families grow, so too does the family home. Furniture that once had pride of place might not work when little ones come along. For mother of three Edwina, the time had come to make use of the space occupied by a large dresser.

“When I first got this dresser I absolutely loved it but as the years go on it doesn’t really have as much of a purpose. When we first moved into the house our lives were about having friends over and storing glassware in there, but now the house’s purpose has changed,” she says.

“I’m always making changes to the house and adapting it as the family grows. With every year that passes the kids are getting older and so things get moved around so it makes more sense for the family. I never stop!”

A seasoned DIY-er, Edwina saw the potential for the corner nook to be transformed into a kids play area. Heading to Woodie’s, Edwina found everything she needed to make the transformation with a budget of just €250.

Chatting with the friendly staff at Woodie's

“The staff at Woodie’s were really lovely and even when I went back in the next time they remembered me- I thought it was lovely to have that level of service. They are so friendly and knowledgeable. Woodie’s has a great range – there’s so much more than I would have thought, especially when it comes to décor,” she says.

To create a bright, colourful space that still worked with the rest of the room, Edwina picked up some metallic pots for holding chalk which she attached using command hooks, a stylish print for the wall, a colourful ottoman seat and wipe-clean plastic covering for the kids’ table.

Using an existing storage unit for the kids’ toys already in the house, Edwina attached a piece of wood to the front for a door that also doubled as a chalkboard once she applied black chalk paint. Not only does the space look bright and inviting but it has also been cleverly utilised for her children’s needs.

Edwina at work with her little helper

“I am so happy with the job and we have since added to it, actually, to include more storage. I love it and so do the kids- they use it a lot,” she says.

With a six-year-old, two-year-old and two-month-old, Edwina is well used to juggling projects and applied that experience when it came to taking on this DIY update.

“With three young children it was tricky trying to find the time to do the project, but over the course of a weekend and some evenings I got it done,” she explains.

The bright, beautiful kids play area

“A few years ago I would have been able to do something like that in one go. When you have kids these things can seem more daunting but you have to just space it out more.”

For other aspiring DIY-ers with a busy schedule, Edwina advises to take it one step at a time in order to complete your project.

“Be realistic about what it is you want to do. I would also recommend researching before you start – I find Pinterest so helpful to get ideas. Most of all, you need to be realistic about time and accept the chaos when it doesn’t go exactly to plan. My kitchen was in chaos while I did the project but you have to accept the process will be a little bit slower and you will get there in the end!”

About the Homemaker series

Our perception of home has changed dramatically over the decades. Gone are the days when home meant a mortgage and house. These days, home is a semi-D and a share house; it’s a converted barn and a care facility; it’s a studio apartment and student digs.

Gone, too, are traditional household roles. The Homemakers of today come from all walks of life, and all sorts of homes. They know that home is made as much from bricks and mortar as it is from the memories we make there.

They also know that homes are rarely perfect in that glossy magazine kind of way. They are lived in and a little ramshackle but full of the things that matter like our framed photos, mantlepiece mementos and that favourite, if not slightly sunken, armchair. Home is the hand-me-downs and the inherited furniture, the walls we painted ourselves and the garden we planted with pride.

For thirty years, Woodie’s has been helping Irish families create their ideal home and garden. We found five very different Irish Homemakers and asked them to transform a pocket of their home with the help of Woodie’s. The Homemaker series documents their progress and shows that with a little help from the experts and the right materials, everybody can love where they live.

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