Saturday 17 March 2018

The future of our society is shaped by the young

Governments come and governments go but young people engaged in social action is what builds a society. Electric Ireland are supporting the SVP National Youth Development Programme to do just that. celebrates this partnership in showcasing some of the inspiring work by young people both in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland in making a real difference to their communities and empowering them to feel responsible for and vested in the future of their society.

These days we’re hearing a lot about society, what’s wrong with it and what we want for our shared future. However away from the rhetoric of political debates and doorstep literature, there are some hard working projects by young people for young people making a real difference in local communities.

For three years, Electric Ireland has supported Young SVP National Youth Development Programme that encourages young people into social action and promotes their social and personal development. The programme is school based and aims to inspire young people to understand and take action on social justice in their local area.

It’s about providing students with the opportunity to help other people in their community in practical ways, ways that make a difference to the lives of the many people who experience isolation, loneliness or poverty in Ireland today. Groups develop projects that focus on a wide range of issues including; working with the elderly, with people with disabilities and children at women's refuges. In recent years students have worked on issues including bullying, addiction, a youth forum, fundraising, and many more. Through the Young SVP programme, Electric Ireland aims to change negative perceptions of young people and drive pride in the positive impact young people have on Irish society.

To celebrate this partnership Electric Ireland has created an interactive video that utilises cutting edge technology enabling a mobile in-browser, dual-messaging video experience. The interactive video showcases two perspectives, challenging the viewer to re-assess their perception of youth participation in the community and to see things in a different way.

See how it works here:


To see the innovative full interactive video visit

All of the examples shown in the full interactive video are real life projects that groups have developed.



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