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The family home: An amazing kitchen DIY update


We all have something about our home we’d like to change. For Grainne Collins, the multi-coloured tiles that lined her kitchen were at the top of her list.

Having lived in her home in Skibbereen, County Cork, for twelve years the time had finally come for a tile update.

“We had gotten new tiles on the kitchen floor and we wanted to update the wall tiles- initially we were going to get new tiles and had no idea you could paint tiles, so we went ahead and did it,” Grainne says.

A self-confessed DIY-novice, no one was more surprised than Grainne at how easy the process was. With a budget of €250 and the help of Stephen at her local Woodie’s Grainne was able to get all the materials she needed in one visit, as well as some expert advice. Once at home, Grainne tuned in to one of Woodie’s handy DIY videos, which are great when tackling DIY jobs at home.


Choosing the perfect paint at Woodie's

Choosing the perfect paint at Woodie's

Choosing the perfect paint at Woodie's


“The video was so handy, it showed me exactly how to put on the masking tape and how to prep the rollers and brushes,” she says.

“I gave the tiles three coats but I still only used one small tub of paint. All together I’d say the whole process only took about five hours from start to end. It looks like a new kitchen, I love it.”

Not only did Grainne give the kitchen tiles an update, but she also picked up some beautiful kitchen accessories to complement the new walls.

“Woodie’s isn’t just about hardware- their homeware range is fantastic. From jugs and cups to cushions and utensils, they have everything.”

Her bright white tiles are the perfect backdrop for the delicate copper stand and beautiful new mugs she picked up. With some relatively minor changes, the overall effect is incredible and has inspired Grainne’s next project.


The first coat of tile paint

The first coat of tile paint

The first coat of tile paint


“We would like to do the kitchen presses. Woodie’s advised us they stock paint that can be applied directly to the presses, there’s no need to sand the presses or use primer which is great,” she says.

Perhaps one of our most enduring household misconceptions is that DIY is tricky. But with the right advice and materials, Grainne’s foray into DIY is proof that anyone can update their home.

“It was such a new experience for me and it was brilliant, Woodie’s were so helpful when it came to picking out everything I needed,” she says.

“I didn’t think I could do it as well as I did, so if I can do it, anyone can!”

About the Homemaker series

Our perception of home has changed dramatically over the decades. Gone are the days when home meant a mortgage and house. These days, home is a semi-D and a share house; it’s a converted barn and a care facility; it’s a studio apartment and student digs.

Gone, too, are traditional household roles. The Homemakers of today come from all walks of life, and all sorts of homes. They know that home is made as much from bricks and mortar as it is from the memories we make there.

They also know that homes are rarely perfect in that glossy magazine kind of way. They are lived in and a little ramshackle but full of the things that matter like our framed photos, mantlepiece mementos and that favourite, if not slightly sunken, armchair. Home is the hand-me-downs and the inherited furniture, the walls we painted ourselves and the garden we planted with pride.

For thirty years, Woodie’s has been helping Irish families create their ideal home and garden. We found five very different Irish Homemakers and asked them to transform a pocket of their home with the help of Woodie’s. The Homemaker series documents their progress and shows that with a little help from the experts and the right materials, everybody can love where they live.

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