Wednesday 22 November 2017

Ten signs it might be time to get your hearing tested

You get your eyes tested regularly, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your hearing?

Trouble talking on the phone

“What? Can you say that again? I think it’s a bad line?”  You have trouble talking on the phone; not being able to hear people. You think it’s their fault and ask them to repeat themselves constantly. You blame the phone and walk about for a better signal only to annoy the person on the other side of the ‘conversation’ so much they hang up.


Television turned up too loud

You’re watching your favourite show on TV and you’re completely oblivious to the fact that the volume is cranked way up. Family members (and neighbours!) are complaining and can’t even sit in the same room. If you turn it down to a standard volume, it’s like watching a silent movie.

You find you don’t like crowded places

“It’s very loud in here!”, “What did you say?” You used to love meeting friends for coffee or going to the pub but the background noise tends to drown out whatever your companion is trying to say. You’d much rather stay at home and have a nice cup of tea, at least you can hear what’s being said to you.

You misunderstand

Someone asks you a question and you either stare blankly at them or you give a completely random response, in which case they stare blankly back at you. That’s because you can’t hear them properly and rather than ask them AGAIN to repeat themselves, you do the best with what you have, or at least what you think you have. They may have said “Did you see the latest episode of Game Of Thrones? But you heard “Do you need a load of ham on the bone?”. To which you replied “No thank you, I’m doing lamb on Sunday”.

Stop mumbling

Everybody’s mumbling. Why are they mumbling? What’s wrong with people? Why don’t they speak clearly? With diction? Chances are though, it’s probably not everyone else, but something up with your hearing.

Women and children

Women and children’s voices are at a higher frequency so they can be hard to understand when your hearing has been affected. There may well be times when you choose not to listen to women and children, but not all time. That can get you in trouble.

The bells, the bells

Tinnitus can drive you around the bend. It can lead to insomnia and severe stress. The constant ringing in your ears can happen to anyone at any age. However, there is evidence to suggest hearing aids can mask tinnitus sounds to help improve communication and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Crossing the road

If your hearing is diminished it can be difficult to assess the speed and distance of approaching cars when you’re crossing the road. If you find yourself loitering on the side of the road, stepping on and off the curb, not knowing whether it’s safe to cross, it could be that your ears need testing.

You don’t know what’s going on

It’s stressful and exhausting trying to get by with limited hearing. You used to be so clued in to everything going on around you but you’re starting to feel isolated and confused. In fact, you haven’t really the faintest idea of what is going at all.


Do you constantly have to be tapped on the back when someone from behind is speaking to you? Do you struggle to hear people who are calling you from another room? You may totally engrossed in what you’re doing and just not heard, but if it happens regularly, maybe it’s time to test the hearing.


Your family and friends might have mentioned to you about being less attentive recently and if you feel this is not just because you don’t want to listen to them, then it may be a good idea to consider speaking with a qualified hearing professional and going for a hearing test.

If you’ve ever needed glasses you’ll remember the first time you put on a pair and the world came into focus. The same is true for your hearing, just think how much easier things could be if you could just hear everything?

One in every six people in Ireland – over 70,000 people – suffer from a form of hearing loss and for people aged 60 and over, this figure rises to one in three!

However, your hearing can fade gradually without you even noticing so the sooner you take action, the better. If you’re worried about the quality of your hearing, Specsavers have innovative equipment to monitor the changing health of your ears over time


To book a free hearing test with your local Specsavers Audiologist or for more information, visit or call Specsavers Hearing Centres on 1890 882 361


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