Thursday 22 February 2018

Tantalising recipes from the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail: Brown Shrimp Croqueta

We spoke to the Chef behind the signature dish on the Campo Viejo Tapas trail, and he shared his recipe and inspiration with us.

“At Drury Buildings, we do three different tapas for the Tapas Trail. We do chicken wings with a Romesco sauce, brown shrimp croquettes and Delicias (an almond wrapped in a date and wrapped in streaky bacon),” says Warren Massey, Head Chef at Drury Buildings.

“This is our third year doing the Tapas Trail so, I wanted to do something different this time. I was on a recent trip to Spain and I had all three of those tapas, I thought they were appropriate for us to do, plus they’re absolutely delicious.”

“I have a keen interest in Spanish food, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Spain over the last few years and I just think the tapas bars are fantastic. You don’t just go on the beer, you have nibbles and it’s just much more civilised than the way we drink here.”

“The Tapas Trail is brilliant, it allows people to see a few different restaurants. You get to taste a lot of different food, each restaurant has different tapas and the so really get to sample a lot of different things. It’s great for the restaurants too. When we just opened, being part of it was great to get the people through the doors.”

“The Romesco sauce is made with tomatoes, peppers, sourdough bread and almond, it’s blended and there’s a little bit of chilli in there so there’s a nice bit of heat in there too. It’s a very summery sauce that just screams ‘Spain’. It’s a widely used sauce in Spain, made with good olive oil and has a very strong colour.”

“We do in the bar down stairs, a dish called devils on horseback, it’s a prune wrapped in bacon and grilled. So it has that sweet and savoury combination. It’s lovely with a glass of red wine. The Delicias has the added feature of an almond in it. The combination of flavours are just a perfect match for a Campo Viejo Rioja. The almond and the fruit pick up the fruitiness of the Rioja as do the dates and the tomatoes. “

“Drury Building has a very Spanish feel. There’s that big wide bar, white walls. It’s an airy place with big windows looking on to Fade Street so you do get an al fresco feel. I suppose the only thing we’re missing is the weather, but the garden out the back is covered and there are heaters so on a summer evening in the centre of town, some delicious tapas and a glass of Campo Viejo, it’s the next best thing to being in Spain.”

Serves: 12 portions

Prep Time: 50 mins


300g Brown Shrimps

120g Butter, Salted, Diced

120g plain flour

500ml warm milk

500ml shrimp bisque

Chopped chives & dill

Salt & Pepper

3 eggs beaten

250g panko breadcrumbs



Step 1 - Shallow fry shrimp till golden

Step 2 - Remove from pan, set aside

Step 3 - Melt butter, stir in flour

Step 4 - Add milk and bisque to form smooth béchamel

Step 5 - Add shrimps & herbs, season

Step 6 - When cooled, shape

Step 7 - Egg & crumb, then deep fry till golden brown

Step 8 - Serve with garlic mayonnaise & wedge of lemon


Chef Warren Massey
Chef Warren Massey


Meet the Chef: Warren Massey

Warren has over 25 years’ experience in the Dublin restaurant industry. Starting his training as the only native Irish Man in Patrick Guilbaul's French speaking kitchen.

Travelling to Rhode Island to take up training scholarship encouraged him to open his own restaurant Popjoys in Terenure.

Following on from the role as owner/restaurateur he took up the position as Head Chef in l'Gueuleton. He created & established the menus for the recently opened Drury Buildings on Drury St taking up the role as Executive Head Chef overseeing both Drury Buildings & l'Gueuleton.


Sponsored by: Campo Viejo


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