Wednesday 25 April 2018

Take the Quiz: What kind of Lotto winner would you be?

Tomorrow’s Lotto jackpot will be estimated €13 million that’s a lot of money. But how would you spend it?

Have you ever fantasised about winning the Lotto? Lotto fever has hit the country as people are hoping to get lucky this Wednesday, as the jackpot reaches €13 Million. That’s a serious amount of money and has everyone thinking about what they’d do with it.

Probably top of anyone’s list of things to do if they win €13 million is to go travelling. Some of us just want to travel and a Lotto win would give them the freedom to travel to exotic locations whether in the lap of luxury or on the well-trodden backpacking trail. Some of us would head for the Caribbean and dip our toes in the warm water. Some would head for shopping in New York. There are also those who will take travelling on as a way of life and look to spend as much time on the go as possible. Travelling around the world to far flung places, to different cultures for new and interesting experiences is something you would find it hard to tire of.

Some people know exactly how they would spend it. Some have a business idea that’s burning inside them. They’ve always wanted to work for themselves and winning the Lotto would give them the capital to launch that dream business.

Would you change your home? €13 million would give you a whole range of options of new places to live. Maybe you want to live in a city centre penthouse apartment, or maybe you see yourself in a roomy country villa? Maybe you fantasise about having a modern designer house. There are many ways to live and winning €13 million on the Lotto would allow you to express yourself in your choice of home.

Some of us couldn’t care less about fancy cars, but some of us harbour a lifelong dream of owning a particular model; be it sporty, vintage, luxury or utility. Winning the Lotto would allow you to ditch that banger that’s been getting you down and then you can choose, just about any car you want.

We’re all different and while all of us would love to win the Lotto, how we would spend the winnings is completely down to us. So you’re a saver, or a splurger, extremely kind-hearted, or you’ve got serious ambition... Whatever you are, winning the Lotto would allow you to have a ball finding out.

Take the quiz below to find out What kind of Lotto Winner are you?


The Lotto Jackpot is an estimated 13 million

Play before 7.45pm, must be over 18, play in app, instore and online


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