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Super Anne Marie adds Valu to local communities

Caulfieds SuperValu
Caulfieds SuperValu

Anne Marie Caulfield became one of a select group of women when she was named in the Women's Executive Network (WXN) TOP 25 Awards (Entrepreneurs Award) for the second time.

Anne Marie is owner and director of the Caulfield McCarthy Group, which operates 3 shopping centres, has a controlling stake in 2 others and operates 7 SuperValu stores with an annual turnover of over of €85 million and employs in the region of 800 staff. The Caulfield McCarthy Group which has both retail and property divisions can be found in Waterford where it is headquartered, Kilkenny, Cork, Wexford and Dublin. 

Graduating from NUI Galway with an Arts Degree and a Law Degree, she became a lawyer by profession - qualifying and practicing in the UK for a number of years. In May 2004 Anne Marie in conjunction with her brother Thomas and business partner John McCarthy completed a management buyout of the Caulfield Group.

The retail company known as Caulfields SuperValu operates the SuperValu franchise. The ethos of the Caulfields SuperValu Group is very much about being at the heart of the local community and supporting local suppliers through initiatives such as the SuperValu Food Academy. The Group has received numerous awards the most recent being the EIQA Best Managed Business 2014 and Waterford Chamber of Commerce Retailer of the Year 2015.

In her role as Owner/Director Anne Marie acts as in-house legal counsel for the Group’s property companies and spends much of her time developing the Group’s property business. Anne Marie is also director of Human Resources function of Caulfields SuperValu.

According to Anne Marie she likes a challenge. She believes that it is important to give back to your own community, whether it’s at a business, cultural, or social level. She is motivated by seeing results, making things happen.

Anne Marie Caulfield was named in the Women's Executive Network (WXN) TOP 25 Awards (Entrepreneurs Award) for the second time.
Anne Marie Caulfield was named in the Women's Executive Network (WXN) TOP 25 Awards (Entrepreneurs Award) for the second time.

One of Anne Marie’s directorial responsibilities is for the Human Resources function and she is very proud of the team within Caulfields SuperValu.

“In today’s climate, consumers want great service as well as value and choice.  Customers today are very focused on the provenance of their food and where possible like to know that local food producers are being supported,” says Ann Marie.

“These are all a key ethos of the SuperValu brand. Getting those three elements right is very challenging but businesses who deliver on them will thrive and move forward. Caulfields SuperValu are fortunate to have a creative, skilled, committed and customer oriented team who are focused on going above and beyond to deliver what the customer wants.”

Anne Marie is a past President of Waterford Chamber of Commerce, current Director and Chair of the Chamber’s Retail Committee, has been President of the South East region of IBEC, the Irish Business and Employers Conference as well as the Rotary Club of Waterford. In addition she is a member of the Governing Authority of Waterford Institute of Technology. In 2011 Anne Marie in recognition of her contribution to Waterford City was made an Ambassador of Waterford City by the then Mayor and Waterford City Council.

Anne Marie was especially proud to be joined in celebrating her award by 7 female members of the company’s management team all of whom were promoted into their positions under Anne Marie’s stewardship.  She holds the belief that it is vitally important to proactively encourage women to put themselves forward for management promotion and indeed to avail of management development opportunities.

As an owner Anne Marie believes that it is her responsibility, through training, mentoring and development, to encourage both the women and men within her organisation to develop the necessary skills and be confident in their ability. In addition Anne Marie believes that being brave and communicating one’s aspirations are key for success no matter what level one is at. 

Whilst she is a strong believer in merit-based promotion she passionately committed to ensuring that the Caulfield McCarthy Group continues to foster an environment where women are leaders within the organisation.


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