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Staying connected at home


Whether dad’s streaming, mum is working from home, or the kids are gaming, Vodafone’s new innovative technology is keeping families ‘always connected’.

The internet is critical in every home, so having a seamless connection is vital to keep you streaming, chatting, studying, and working as normal. The importance of a reliable broadband connection has become more apparent over the last year and a half, as more and more people rely on their home broadband connection for their daily lives.

But while broadband and WiFi play an integral role in our daily lives, unfortunately, sometimes factors outside of our control can disrupt service leading to a total loss of broadband connection. These factors can include adverse weather conditions, construction mishaps, or damage to overhead lines.

While most broadband disruptions are resolved quickly, these can definitely frustrate and inconvenience anyone who relies on a quick and dependable internet connection

That’s why a strong, reliable broadband connection is so important. You need peace of mind that you will always be connected to keep things running smoothly, with no interruptions.

Vodafone Always Connected combines the power of their mobile and broadband networks to provide a reliable broadband connection.

Vodafone Always Connected

Today’s modern home has more than just one laptop relying on your WiFi connectivity. There can be several devices that require a good internet connection to function including speakers, computers, tablets, thermostats and smart fridges. And that can sometimes be for just one person!

For a full family of internet users, there can be dozens of devices all needing a WiFi connection. If your internet stops working, the dreaded call of ‘My internet’s not working!’ can come from every direction.

To keep everyone in the house happy, you need a seamless broadband connection with no more interruptions. Launched in December, Vodafone is proving that two networks are better than one as they bring their mobile and broadband networks together.. Vodafone Always Connected provides automatic network switching from broadband to mobile.

Think of it like a backup for your broadband. If your broadband experiences an interruption, it will automatically switch to the 4G mobile network using your Vodafone Always Connected device. All of your devices will stay connected to the internet without you needing to do anything at all, so you can keep connected to your family and friends without a glitch.

Vodafone’s care agents will immediately work to resolve the issue as a care alert is automatically triggered when the device is in use. And when the issue is resolved, it immediately switches back to your fixed broadband network, and you can continue as normal.

This all happens in the background without you having any worries about losing time during the work day, forgetting a cliffhanger in your favourite streaming show, or losing touch with your friends or family.

Always Connected is available to both new and existing Vodafone Home customers for just €5 per month, or free for 18 months if you are a Vodafone Bill Pay customer.

Simply plug your Vodafone Always Connected device into your broadband modem, there is no install needed.

Vodafone Always Connected uses the power of the ‘best performing mobile network’ to keep you streaming, chatting, studying, and working as normal.

Search Vodafone Always Connected today! Visit Vodafone.ie for more information