Wednesday 23 May 2018

Sponsored: Could you the next Dolores McNamara?

Ireland is getting ready for another huge EuroMillions jackpot this weekend...

There’s €130m up for grabs and people across the country are dreaming of the big life-changer happening for their families with hopes of a massive lottery win in this September super draw.

Do you dream of being the new Dolores McNamara?  Her 2005 cheque for €115m still remains the single EuroMillions win in Ireland and has never been beaten – until now. 

A new way to play the EuroMillions has been launched.  It’s a fresh way to play as it guarantees that you will be the ONLY winner of this Friday’s €130m jackpot if your numbers come up. 

Leading mobile lottery provider Lottoland has introduced a new NumberShield feature, offering the chance for players all over Ireland to do just that.

Lottoland super.png

So how does it work?  You can play EuroMillions with for only €2 (compared to €2.50 with the National Lottery) PLUS by then playing NumberShield for only €1.50 more, you get the chance to become the biggest single EuroMillions winner ever in Ireland.

"This is great news for consumers who love playing the lottery generally but who are going to be even more excited to be able to play EuroMillions, plus also 30 of the biggest jackpots in the world, including Irish Lotto and US Powerball, all quickly, easily and safely.  And in the great value that Lottoland offers we expect huge interest levels” explained Lottoland chief Graham Ross.

Dream Bigger this EuroMillions SuperDraw with Lottoland.  Play for only €2 online or on the iPhone/Android App for a chance to scoop the €130M jackpot.  Add NumberShield to guarantee that you’ll get the full jackpot payout.  There’s a 2 for 1 offer for new customers (Terms & Conditions apply. Over 18s only.


Sponsored by: Lottoland

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