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‘Sometimes we forget that we’re important’: Gerry Hussey discusses the importance of wellbeing in today’s world



As a performance coach and sports psychologist, Gerry Hussey has worked with some of Ireland’s best-known stars. Over the course of his career he has helped the Irish Olympic boxing team, Munster Rugby and Tipperary GAA.

In recent years, he’s worked with high-flying corporate teams across Ireland to build resilience, self-confidence and trust. However, as time goes on, Gerry has realised that it’s not just high-performance athletes or the corporate elite who need to focus on their wellbeing; it’s something we should all be thinking about, especially as we face the new norm.

“Over time I became aware that it’s not just sport or corporate performance that my message is relevant to,” Gerry explains. “It’s anybody in everyday life. We’re all dealing with the same things. We’re dealing with transitions, marriages, raising children etc. So, in recent years, I’ve expanded into helping the general public.”

The perfect time to reset

As we emerge from lockdown and try to return to some normality, it’s important that we make our health a priority. Gerry believes that it’s the perfect time to reflect and reset.

“After the last few months lots of people are feeling fatigued,” he explains. “They’re fatigued from being away from family and being stuck in the house. However, we know that in the coming months we’re going to need a lot of energy. We will need to be at our best particularly if we’re working or if we have kids that will be going back to school.”

This month, Gerry will be sharing his expertise through Wellbeing Live, an online programme developed by laya healthcare that is open to everyone, not just laya healthcare members.

A holistic approach to wellbeing

The eight week programme is structured around movement, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

“That’s the great thing about Wellbeing Live,” Gerry explains. “It focuses on a huge range of things from nutrition and wellbeing to mental fitness and movement. Sometimes we think that athletes and everyday people are very different but we’re all the same. That’s why Wellbeing Live has a message for everyone.

“Whether you’ve been on a wellness journey for a number of years or you’re just starting, there will be something in Wellbeing Live for you.”

Expert voices

Wellbeing Live with laya healthcare is delivered by Ireland’s largest team of health and wellbeing experts who specialise in everything from injury prevention to meditation.

In his own virtual talk (on August 11), Gerry will be talking about motivation, something that he has a wealth of experience in.

“I’ll be talking about reigniting your purpose. It’s all about taking away distractions and creating a really clear, ‘why’ that allows you start living better every day.”

Alongside Gerry there are other wonderful speakers in the line-up including Karl Henry and Sonia O’Sullivan.

“I’ve already marked a few great talks that I want to watch,” Gerry admits. “There’s something for everybody and all ages.

“Initiatives like this that are based on really great people with high skillsets leveraging the best of the internet’s capability. Over the last couple of months, the internet has allowed people to keep fit, to get healthy and keep connected. In some ways when human contact isn’t possible, this is a wonderful alternative.”

A safe community

The value of the internet can not be underestimated when it comes to spreading knowledge about health and wellbeing.

“The nation’s health and wellbeing has never been so important,” explains Sinéad Proos, Head of Health and Wellbeing at laya healthcare. “The traditional face to face delivery of health and wellbeing has been turned on its head. In recent times, we have migrated to digital channels, without compromising on the quality and authenticity of delivering these benefits.

“Laya healthcare ran Ireland’s first virtual Health and Wellbeing Festival for Workplace Wellbeing Day in May. With over 12,000 registrations, we knew that there was a need and appetite for more. As a result, we have launched Wellbeing Live – an 8-week programme of live events open to all. Everyone’s needs and concerns are different, so Wellbeing Live allows people to pick and choose what’s most important and relevant them.”

Making time for you

When you sign up to Wellbeing Live you can now choose from a selection of daily and weekly 40-60-minute virtual classes and seminars. From morning energiser classes to evening mindfulness seminars, there will be something for everyone. All you need to do is make the time in your schedule.

“Sometimes we forget that we’re important,” Gerry explains. “We forget that our health is important. Looking after your health and wellbeing is not selfish. This is something that you can give yourself. It can boost immunity, awaken the mind and move the body. It will help you to revitalise and build that new reserve of energy, thoughts and perspective.

“It’s really a gift. You only need a little bit of time, you don’t need to go anywhere, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Give it a go, give it a chance, get stuck in!”

Laya healthcare’s daily classes and sessions are a new, free way to take control of your wellbeing. Book online now.