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Smoke free living: Understanding the financial impact of being a smoker



With the average cost of a cigarette continuing to go in one direction (up), the financial impact of smoking should not be overlooked.

While the physical effects it has on your body are understandably the main point of discussion, it can put a huge amount of pressure on your personal budget.

The average price of a packet of cigarettes is about €15, so smoking 20 a day could cost you more than €100 over the course of a week. Regardless of your income or what comparisons you make, that is a considerable amount of money to have to make up for.

As much pressure as that is to find yourself under, all indications are that this will continue to increase. If prices were to rise to €20 over the next few years, as it has been indicated previously, it will likely make quitting even more of an appealing thought for many.

If you are considering quitting, it’s important to know that there is support available to help you on your journey. NiQuitin provides effective, safe and clinically proven nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products to help smokers quit or cut down on their journey to a smoke free life.

Saving the cost of a 4k TV every two months

With it being such an expensive habit, giving it up will naturally open up a plethora of new opportunities. Rather than dedicating such a large portion of your income to smoking, you can now allocate it towards your savings or something you know you’ll enjoy.

Still based on someone smoking 20 a day, an additional boost of nearly €800 over the course of two months is not to be sniffed at. Putting that towards something else is one of the things that makes quitting so satisfying.

Perhaps it’s a new gadget you’ve had your eye on, or perhaps it’s going for a slightly nicer hotel on your next holiday. Having that extra change in your pocket makes so many of these things possible.

The amount of money you’re spending when visiting your local shop is bound to be a good indicator of your progress. Topping up on milk and bread is an entirely different experience without adding a pack of cigarettes to the bill.

Long term financial goals such as saving for a new car become closer to your reach as well. While bringing a packed lunch to the office will certainly save you a bit of money, it’s unlikely to be as impactful as giving up smoking!

Even if you were to smoke as little as five cigarettes a day, that’s still working out at around €25 per week. When compared to other outgoings such as a Netflix subscription that costs half that for a month, the financial pressure each cigarette puts on you becomes even clearer.

Making your mind up to quit

This is likely not the first time you have heard comparisons made about how much you could save by quitting. While of course it is always worth thinking about other ways to use your money, setting your mind to successfully quit is another matter entirely.

The financial benefits that go along with quitting also come with plenty of physical benefits as well. From restoring normal lung function to reducing your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, you can learn more about that here.

Finding your reasons, financial or otherwise, is often a good first step to take. Not only can these reasons help keep you on track when going through the process, but it can also help you notice the little changes that happen along the way.

It’s always worth reminding yourself that quitting smoking will benefit you most of all, but those around you will also likely feel the difference. On top of the physical and mental benefits they will notice in you, but their exposure to second hand smoke will naturally be reduced.

It’s natural that you will have days where you struggle, but it’s key to remind yourself that it is all part of the process. Keeping yourself on track and sticking to your resolution will help recover from any relapses that happen, so try to be willing to forgive yourself for any missteps.

The longer you stay on track, the better. Keeping nicotine out of your system is the goal, and as long as you are doing what you can towards that end you are making progress towards quitting for good.

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