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Small garden ideas: How to make the most of your space


Having any sort of outdoor space is a blessing, especially during the summer months. A garden can act as an extension of your home and provide you with excellent space for entertaining family and friends or simply relaxing with your morning coffee.

It looks like we’re going to be spending more time than ever at home this year so why not make the most of it? You don’t need to have a huge lawn or large patio; even a tiny back yard or balcony can be transformed into an inviting space with just a little bit of know-how.

So, if you want to revamp your small garden, take a look at some of our wonderful ideas below. With just a few simple additions you could completely change your space.

Create a focal point

When designing your garden, make sure that you create one key focal point. This could be a seating area, a water feature or even a piece of interesting wall art.

This piece should reflect the overall theme of your garden and create a bit of interest. It’s a wonderful way to inject a bit of personality into your space and make it more personal.

However, always remember that less is more. Keep large pieces to a minimum, especially in small spaces.

Roman Numeral Clock with Cog Design €24.99

Add some colour

What’s a garden without some flowers? Add a splash of colour to your outdoor space with some bright blooms. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, try lavender or some trusty Geraniums.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can invest in stylish planters instead of planting directly into the soil. These are great because you can move them around to suit your needs. Their raised height also makes them easy to weed and look after. In winter you can simply pack them away in storage. It’s a no-brainer.

Garden Grow Planter €34.99

Design different areas

Small gardens can be made more attractive with strong landscaped lines. Break up your space into different zones using materials such as grass, stones or even decking. One easy way to do this is to invest in garden border edging.

Border edging basically acts as a barrier between different sections of your garden. It provides a smooth, professional looking finish, even in the smallest space.

Thankfully, it’s also very simple to install and you can even purchase environmentally- friendly options. The border below is made from recycled tyres that were destined for landfill.

Eco-friendly Ez Border Garden Border Edging €21.99

Make room for wildlife

When creating your outdoor space, it’s important to factor in the many animals and insects that call your garden home. From hedgehogs to birds and bees to insects, your garden is probably playing host to more life than you realise.

A great way to promote nature at home is by sowing native wildflowers. You can also invest in insect hotels, birdhouses, hedgehog homes or even a simple birdfeeder. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the amount of wildlife on your doorstep.

Garden Life Hedgehog House €39.99

Think diagonally

A small garden can easily feel boxed in and claustrophobic. To avoid this, try to think in diagonal lines. Adding more angles to your space can make it seem much larger than it is as it draws the eye in.

A fantastic way to achieve this is through stepping stones or diagonal paving. There are lot of cheap, lightweight and stylish options out there. Simply lay the stones down and you’re done - no mess and no fuss.

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