Sunday 25 February 2018

Six simple tips to improve your golf swing

Sometimes in golf the simplest things are the hardest. However, they can make the biggest difference.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice on the greens, golf is a game of truths. It is in fact, a lot like life. It’s very simple, but we make it complicated. Here are some of the simplest tips to improve your golf swing.

Watch the left shoulder

This is a very simple but powerful tip to help you get a smoother, cleaner and more powerful swing. When you set up to address, take note of exactly where your left shoulder is (right shoulder for left-handed players). On the back-swing the shoulder should pass to the area below your chin, but as you swing through the ball return your shoulder to the exact position it was in at address. This will give you clean contact with the ball and holding back on your through swing which can add a nasty hook to your shot.

Go low to go low

If you want to eek every bit of distance out of your club and keep the ball out of the sky, simply move your hands lower down the grip of your club. This will shorten the arc of your club in swing and mean the ball will have a lower and further trajectory (which will come in handy on a windy day or when you’re in trouble in the woods!)

Slow it down

You probably can’t swing too slowly. You should swing in the right tempo for you, but we often try and power through the ball too much. It’s the simplest of truths in golf that you let the club do the work, so by slowing your swing right down you create a better transition for striking the ball. Simple as it sounds it can be a very difficult thing to do, but if you try it you’ll see immediate results.

Power with your body

So all the power in your swing comes from your body and not your arms or legs. If you feel you can get more distance try practicing your swing without the back swing, or at least with minimal backswing. Exhale smoothly on the follow through, keep your head down, and eyes always fixed on the ball.

Keep the right elbow tight

Raising your right elbow on the backswing can be the source of a curvy slice, so if you’re pushing to the right, try to keep your elbow lower and in line with your flank just under your arm. Keep the wrist soft and try and get it as natural as possible.

Anchor your back foot

A simple yet effective tip to get more power from your driving is to anchor your foot through the swing. The right foot should stay glued to the ground until the very last moment of the through swing (left foot for left-handers).


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