Sunday 21 January 2018

Simply the best? Putting Irish milk to the test

Áine O Donnell

Whether we are just away on holiday or have moved to far flung parts of the world, something we always miss about home is Irish milk.

Irish people have tasted milk from every corner of the earth on their travels and we still think our milk beats all others. We are so confident in the quality and taste of Irish dairy, we decided to finally prove that it is truly the best in the world.

At Chez Max on Dublin’s Baggot Street, a restaurant which prides itself on fine food and wine, Ireland’s finest was put to the test.


The challenge

We presented our international panel with samples of milk from four different countries including one from Ireland. The testers had to judge the samples on their appearance, smell and taste before choosing their favourite.

Our testers were Tijana Krstic from Denmark, Galwegian Seán Ó Catháin and Isabella Vick from the United States.

They were each given four identical glasses with different milk samples in each. The glasses were placed in a random order then the testers were asked for their opinion.


The tasting

After initially inspecting the appearance and sampling the aroma, our testers tasted each glass of milk.

Seán noted that one of the milk samples tasted much creamier than the others and chose it as his favourite.

He has spent time living in both France and Belgium: “The people that I lived with abroad always asked why I drank milk with my dinner because it was so foreign to them but it is just part of life here in Ireland”.

He admitted he always looked forward to drinking Irish milk when he came home for a visit.

Isabella has moved over to Dublin from Texas in the past few months. When testing the samples, she realised that she has developed a special party trick: making the perfect milk moustache!


Isabella noticed that one of the samples was much sweeter than the others but picked the first milk she tried as her preference.

Tijana has lived in Dublin for over a year. She remarked that the milk in Ireland tastes different which she attributed to the popularity of skimmed milk in Denmark.

Having tried some of the samples twice, she selected the last milk she tasted as the winner.

Our testers then waited tentatively to hear whether the samples they had chosen were in fact Irish milk.


The result

When put to the taste test, Irish milk came out on top! All three of our testers judged Irish milk to be their clear favourite.

Taste isn’t the only way to ensure your milk is Irish. When you see the National Dairy Council provenance mark on any milk or cream products, you can be certain that it has been farmed, produced and processed here in Ireland.

By buying products with the NDC mark, you know you are getting the best milk and cream while also supporting thousands of Irish jobs on farms, in co-ops and dairies.


Sponsored by: National Dairy Council

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