Tuesday 12 November 2019

Rediscover Ireland with Travel in Ireland

We’ve waited all year and at last the summer is here. So it’s time to make a break for it, get out of the office, away from the house, go and explore this incredible island of ours, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

Ireland is a truly unique country, a world away from anything found in Europe, it’s different up here. A small island nation, shaped by the Atlantic, green, rich and fertile, with the ever changing light under racing clouds there is so much diversity here to enjoy.

We all have our favourite places in Ireland, the landscape we return to again and again. For all of us there’s a place that captures the essence of Ireland, from endless, wide sandy beaches of Donegal, to the rugged Connemara coast, to the magical peninsulas of County Kerry and otherworldly Burren on The Wild Atlantic Way or the mystical Bronze Age monuments of the Boyne Valley and walking in the footsteps of the Vikings on Ireland’s Ancient East. Yet there are almost endless destinations to discover, cultural and geological treasures that speak of an Ireland as diverse as it is beautiful.

Here on Independent.ie, we’re working with Discover Ireland to weave a digital tapestry of your holiday experiences, news and features about what’s on and where to go, with competitions and special offers. If you love traveling in Ireland, if you love Ireland, this is the place for you.

For the well-travelled home holiday enthusiast, who feels he may know every inch of every corner of Ireland, we’ve got something new to show you. If you usually holiday abroad, we can show you what you’re missing. You think you know Ireland? Think again, you could spend a lifetime on this island and only scratch the surface.

After the harsh winter and sodden spring, the Irish countryside roars into life. Even driving the highways and byways of the island the lush greenery sings with exuberance and joy, the clouds are parting and we see the blue sky reflected in the still, dark bog water. There’s nowhere like this on earth, it’s a world class holiday destination, and it’s just on our doorstep.

Some of us take the family to the familiar bolthole down the country, where the children can run free and we know the locals well. The local pub welcomes you back like you’ve never been away and your day trips are easy and familiar. Others enjoy the finer things in life, they search the best offerings, from boutique hotels to indulgent spas, gourmet food and artisan crafts. Then there’s those that will try anything, grabbing their smart phone and a backpack, they’ll experience the ice-covered top of a mountain or gliding through the lake water in a kayak, their Ireland is an adventure playground, where the unexpected is part of the everyday.

Here on Travel in Ireland, we encourage you to take a fresh look at Ireland as a holiday destination. Rediscover Ireland if you think you know it, experience it properly if you never have, there’s a place for everyone and a hearth for every pair of tired feet.

Travel in Ireland, is hosting a selection of your Irish holiday snaps, from all four corners of the island. To see your photograph here, simply post it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ThisisLIVING. We’ll do the rest.

A thousand festivals, parties and sessions are waiting for your company. Join the celebration of the best of Ireland, get involved, post your photos with #ThisisLIVING, and get out there. Rediscover Ireland, it’s different to what you think it is. There is so much in Ireland to discover.

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