Tuesday 16 January 2018

Race Day is Nearly Here: 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

It’s almost time for this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon...

Thousands of women from all over Ireland will be descending on Dublin city to celebrate the 35th year of the largest female-only event of its kind in the world.

From courtesy cars, to the Vhi Relaxation Area, to Woman’s World in the RDS and the big Reunion@MerrionSq, here are some top tips for the lead-up to the race, the morning of the race and after the event, to ensure that you don’t miss out:

Vhi v14 reunion pic.png

Get Ready! – 3 Tips for Before the Race

Here are 3 tips for the all-important lead-up to the event. Everyone knows that running together is better and soaking up the atmosphere of the crowd is a huge part of this fantastic event and will help to allay any pre-race nerves.

1.  Don’t Miss Woman’s World

Woman’s World, which expects to host over 19,000 participants for this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, takes place at the RDS, Dublin on June 3rd and 4th and celebrates 20 years. Former European champion, Olympian, Vhi Support Team Member and MasterChef winner David Gillick will share his love of cookery by whipping up quick dishes like smoothies and snacks. 

2.  Wall of Support

Instead of hitting a wall, hit a wall of support! Just before the 7km mark, Vhi has set up a huge Wall of Support to cheer on runners. Supporters can leave text messages at vhiwallofsupport.ie to help spur on the participants. All you need to leave a personal message is your friend's race number. A new addition for this year is a video Wall of Support at the 9km mark to get all the runners motivated for that last kilometre. Friends and supporters can record a short message at Woman's World in the RDS this weekend. There will be Vhi Brand Ambassadors on hand to help you to record your message of support. Again, it is simple: all you need is the participant's race number.

3.  Read up on Raceday

To have a smooth race, read up on all the raceday information, so that you’ll know which zone you are in (yellow is for walkers; blue for joggers and then pink and white numbers for runners and fast joggers). Water will be available at the start and finish areas and also at 3km (Stillorgan Road); 6km (near Belfield Bridge) and the all important 8km mark (outside AIB, Ballsbridge).

Vhi v14 route map.png

And They’re Off - The morning of the Race

The morning of the race is the time to settle in gently, set a realistic goal and then prepare for a fantastic day ahead surrounded by positive stories and inspirational women from around the country all striving together. Here are 3 tips for race day:

1.  Hydrate and Be Happy

Being happily hydrated can have a huge impact on performance.

David Gillick advises that “even if it’s a cool day it’s important to stay hydrated. If it’s a very hot day, be aware that you should increase your intake. Simply sip fluids and then reduce your intake as race time approaches as you should be well hydrated by then”.

2.  Snacking for Success

“Make sure to bring some snacks with you,” advises David. “You may be travelling from afar and there may be a wait until the gun goes, so keep a few energy snacks such as trail mix, bananas or energy balls within easy reach. Enjoy a good snack 60-90 minutes before the race to keep energy levels topped up”.

3. Warm Up and Limber Up!

It’s important to allow some time for the body to warm up before the gun goes – a brisk walk or a light jog will reawaken muscles. At Merrion Square, Jeni Jones from the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists will be available to help people limber up before the 10k and there’ll be live music to help get you in the mood!

You’ve Done It! - After the Race

It’s an unbelievable feeling to cross that finish line surrounded by like-minded runners, walkers and joggers. Relish it and pat yourself on the back. You’ve done it! Here are 3 post-race tips:

1.  Relax in an Oasis of Calm!

You’ve done it! The feeling of having completed the 10k route will be unrivalled and is a great chance to catch up with fellow mini-marathoners and family and friends. The Vhi Relaxation Area will see one corner of Merrion Square transformed with comfortable hammocks, bean bags and sofas – the perfect place for weary legs. There’ll be refreshing juices, water and fruit and a chance to sit down to admire your medal!

2.  Don’t Forget the Food!

Athlete David Gillick stresses that no matter what level you’re competing at, it is really important to have a post-run snack within 30 minutes and then a meal within the next hour. “Try snacking on energy balls, cereal bars, protein bars, fruit or milk and don’t forget to hydrate. Doing so will help boost recovery and reduce muscle soreness and stiffness which may help with getting out of bed the next day!”

3.  Special 35th Anniversary Medals

This special anniversary year is a fantastic year to be competing and there’s a chance to personalise your medal by getting it engraved with your name and finishing time for only €8 at the Reunion@MerrionSq.

Good luck!

Chat with Vee, Vhi’s running chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Whether you’re looking to start running, or for motivation to keep running, Vee is full of tips, recipes and information to help you on your running journey!

For further information on the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon visit vhiwomensminimarathon.ie/ or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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