Thursday 19 September 2019

Podcast: Practical advice for making your business GDPR compliant

The final countdown is on until GDPR comes into effect.

On the final part of the 'Know Your GDPR' podcast series, data privacy expert, Brian Honan, gets practical information for businesses from two of Ireland's foremost GDPR experts, Emerald de Leeuw of Eurocomply and Daragh O'Brien, from Castlebridge.

How can you ensure your business is GDPR compliant? The panel explains that it's not too late to panic but that you do need to start taking immediate action and they discuss the main steps needed. 

Plus, Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks, explains why businesses need to treat customers' data the same as their credit card details, and he details why Magnet's GDPR approach is people-centric, not tech focused.

"If you want to teach someone how to use a boat you don’t teach them carpentry, you take them sailing," he says.  "Real-world scenarios are the best ways to train employees. "

Know Your GDPR is in association with Magnet Networks.

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