Sunday 16 June 2019

One in two shoppers are buying more own brand products than they did last year

Own brand products were once dismissed as a “cheap option” but the move towards premium and signature own brand ranges is driving a change in consumer attitudes.

Recent research shows that 49pc of people are now spending more on supermarket own brands than they were just 12 months ago. The latest Nielson report shows that three things drive people to choose own brand – price, value and quality.

In fact, half of the people surveyed said that own brand quality was just as good as named brand products.

SuperValu has just launched its “All Things Considered” campaign, which is encouraging shoppers to look at the real value that SuperValu offers its shoppers not just within the trolley but value that goes beyond the till – fresh, locally-grown food along with supporting local communities and local producers. Throughout the campaign they are asking people to  “consider something new” over six weeks. The public were asked to try something new in the campaign’s first weekly challenge and we talked to The Happy Pear twins about their efforts to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

For this week’s challenge, SuperValu is inviting people to shop their own brand range in their weekly shop. They want people to see how much they can save by choosing own brand options and to experience for themselves how the range compares.

Does the taste live up to your expectations? How much extra cash can you pocket over a single week? This is your chance to find out.

A Red C Poll of SuperValu customers found that four out of five SuperValu shoppers rated the price, range and quality of SuperValu’s own brand and Signature Taste products as excellent or good. The positive perception has helped to drive a growth in the market.

For consumers, the benefits are obvious. They get high quality products at reduced prices. For instance, SuperValu’s own brand prices are on average 30pc cheaper than an equivalent branded product.

“As consumer demand continues to increase for a quality own brand range, SuperValu has invested heavily over the past number of years to develop a range of over 3,000 products that offer real value without compromising on quality and set them apart from its competitors,” said a SuperValu spokesperson.

“The number one reason shoppers purchase own brand is price, however it is quality and taste that drives repeat purchase.”

The supermarket has added more products to the Signature Tastes range as demand increases for an even higher quality range. The Signature Tastes range has experienced a 13pc year-on-year growth as it benefits from the increased demand for a premium own brand offering.

Savings are always welcome but discerning shoppers now expect own brand ranges to deliver on taste and quality. The focus on better quality own brand products can be seen in the results of the Great Taste Awards.

SuperValu won 79 awards in August and 45 of those awards were for products from their Signature Taste Range. Their Signature Tastes Hampshire Smoked Rack of Bacon also won the prestigious Golden Fork Award 2018.

SuperValu are asking the nation to ‘Consider Something New’ - something that’s always been on their to-do list but that they haven’t got around to doing yet. It could be buying own brand products to save money, making healthier food choices or picking up one or more Irish products to support your local food producers because  - All things considered, it's SuperValu.

For more information on SuperValu’s #Allthingsconsidered challenge, visit their website.

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