Sunday 21 January 2018

On the streets: Are you happy with your pension?

Journalist Barbara McCarthy hit the streets of Dublin to ask people with pensions if they are happy with them, and what their advice is to those who are thinking about getting one.

Recent research launched by Aviva revealed some startling figures. The research prompted them to release a pension gap calculator (link) so you can see if you are on track, or if you need to tweak your plan.

Ireland now has the third largest pension gap in Europe, an average of €12,200 per year per person*. This is the difference between what most people expect to live on in their retirement – and what they currently make provision for. So if you expect to live on €2000 a month, currently an average Irish person is only saving enough to get €1000 a month.

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*Source Aviva, September 2016

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