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Need some quiet time? The 7 best shows to keep the kids entertained

It may be something of a cliché, but being a parent is a full-time job in itself.

Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, playing or performing one of the many day-to-day tasks that come up between breakfast and lights-out, you need a break from time to time.

If you’re entering parenthood for the first time, the struggle is all too real. So if you’re looking to grab a few minutes to yourself this Easter, there are some great kids’ shows on the Sky Kids package that your little ones can enjoy.

The good news is that you can now get a Sky TV and Kids bundle for just €30 a month, saving you €120 over 12 months. You’ll get 90 channels plus 11 dedicated kids’ channels, making sure that the kids and the parents have all the entertainment that they need.

Here is a selection of kids shows that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained.

1. Craig of the Creek, Cartoon Network

The perfect cartoon to feed your child’s already active imagination. Set in the fictional suburban Baltimore/DC town of Herkleston, this follows the story of Craig Williams and his two friends Kelsey and JP as they go on regular adventures in the titular creek. This is a Utopia for little people, full of untamed wilderness and tribes of children taking over tree forts and hidden pathways. So much fun.

2. Henry Danger, Nickelodeon

One for the slightly older brigade, Henry Danger tells the ongoing story of 13-year-old Henry Hart, who acts as a secret sidekick to Swellview’s resident superhero Captain Man. Henry must keep his role hidden from his best friends, his younger sister Piper and his parents. How will Henry cope when Captain Man is no longer around and he has to step up to become the town superhero himself?

3. PAW Patrol, Nick Jr


You probably don’t even need to have kids yourself to have heard of the massively popular PAW Patrol, with a massive media franchise behind the show and a hugely successful line of merchandise.

The series follows the adventures of a boy named Ryder, the leader of a pack of search and rescue dogs known as the PAW Patrol. Every day they protect the shoreside community within Adventure Bay, with each dog possessing a unique skill based on real-life human professions. Better again, their doghouses can all transform into customised vehicles as needed.

With six seasons and more than 130 episodes so far, this is hours of fun.

4. Teen Titans Go!, Cartoon Network

Perfect for children of seven years and older, this is based on DC Comics’ famous Teen Titans. It looks at the everyday lives of our young superheroes as they try to cope with life’s more mundane tasks and keeping things as normal as possible – not as easy as you’d think when certain superpowers come into play.

This is a great show to promote themes of friendship, compromise, and problem solving through different personalities. Educational yet raucous fun.

5. The Loud House, Nick Toons

The chaotic world of a boy named Lincoln Loud is at the heart of this animated TV series by Chris Savino.

Set in the fictional Michigan town of Royal Woods, The Loud House is based on Savino’s childhood growing up in the midst of a large family, with the animation loosely based on newspaper comic strips.

The Loud House is massively popular in the United States and that success has translated over to this side of the Atlantic, and the inclusion of minor characters Howard and Harold McBride – in interracial gay married couple – caused a ratings surge when they first appeared and brought praise from large sections of the media.

6. Muppet Babies, Disney Junior

How could we have a list of the best kids’ TV programmes without a nod to the Muppets?

This series featuring toddler versions of your favourite Muppet characters only began airing in March 2018 but is already massively popular.

You have Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo and Baby Animal among others; the show features two 11-minute stories per episode, and is primarily aimed at children between the ages of four and seven.

7. PJ Masks, Disney Junior

This one is massively popular with children of four years of age and more.

Friends Connor, Amaya and Greg all attend first grade. Normal kids by day, at night they come together to form the superhero team PJ Masks and take on villains like Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja.

All together now: "PJ Masks, we're on our way. Into the night, to save the day!"

In addition to getting all these great shows, the Sky Kids app also gives you the option to download shows for offline viewing. So, your kids can enjoy their favourite shows on the go or whenever you need to keep them distracted or entertained!

Get the Sky TV and Kids bundle for just €30 a month and save yourself €120 over 12 months. Enjoy Sky TV with 90 channels, including exclusive Sky Atlantic shows, and Sky Kids with 11 dedicated kids’ channels. Plus you’ll have access to the free Sky Kids App to keep the little ones entertained on the go.

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