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Moving with the times: Dell Technologies Forum offers cyber security and data insights to businesses and organisations



Taking place on Tuesday, September 27 in The Convention Centre, it promises to help businesses discover technology solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Individuals, companies and organisations are looking to upskill their staff and reinvent their digital infrastructure, to better keep up with the changing demands of our modern world. Businesses have come to rely more heavily on technology, which is a trend that has given rise to a greater need for technical expertise, enhanced digital storage solutions and the adoption of stronger cyber security measures.

In this context, an event that brings together some of the most renowned voices in the tech and business worlds is to be welcomed. The Dell Technologies Forum, set to take place in the Dublin Convention Centre on September 27, will focus on helping businesses to explore how emerging technologies can unlock new possibilities for growth. This event will be held in partnership with Intel and Microsoft.

Dell Technologies is committed to helping individuals and organisations to build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era. The Dell Technologies Forum is a natural extension of this overall mission, as explained by Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies Ireland.

“Over the past two years, we have witnessed first-hand the impact that technology has had in empowering businesses to achieve continued growth at a level we hadn't imagined before,” he said. “But for organisations of any size to succeed into the future, they’ll need to unlock the value of data at the edge and invest in new and emerging technologies.”

Security and expertise

The Dell Technologies Forum, an annual conference which has been held virtually for the past two years, is returning to an in-person experience at the Convention Centre this year. Over the course of the conference, a series of keynote speakers will discuss some of the most exciting trends in the world of technology today.

The event will guide organisations on enhancing cyber resilience, continuing to innovate while mitigating costs, and embracing new technologies to transform and grow. By engaging in breakout sessions and interactive experiences, while connecting with renowned technologists and industry experts, attendants will gain valuable insights on everything from multi-cloud strategy delivered as-a-service to modernised and secure technologies and enabling AI decision making.

Mr Ward explained: “The Dell Technologies Forum provides the opportunity to discuss how businesses can gain valuable insights into managing and analysing data.

“We will also discuss how Dell Technologies is investing in different solutions, including APEX, multi-cloud environments and cybersecurity, to help ensure that companies can secure their data while gaining a competitive edge.”

Using data to drive change

The Dell Technologies Forum will give participants the confidence, control and scale they need to address security challenges with modern, end-to-end solutions.

Speakers will address this issue with the full understanding that data is key to individual business success and discuss how it can also be used to work towards positive change and development in a wide array of social, economic and environmental areas.

Modern storage solutions

Dell will also be showcasing the innovations afforded by APEX – the company’s breakthrough portfolio of as-a-service offerings that promises to simplify digital transformation for businesses across Ireland and reduce costs by increasing IT agility and control.

Following the launch of Apex Data Storage Services into the Irish market earlier this year, the Forum will be the ideal opportunity to help Irish business leaders to learn more about how they can harness the value of this as-a-service solution for their business.

Commenting on the demonstrations and technological insights that will be available to Irish business leaders at the event, Mr Ward said, “By accessing the insights and solutions from the team of experts at this year’s Dell Technologies Forum, leaders across Ireland can harness new growth opportunities, unlock the true value of data and accelerate the pace of digital transformation in 2022 and beyond.”

The Dell Technologies Forum will take place from 10AM on Tuesday, September 27, at The Convention Centre Dublin.

The Dell Technologies Forum is run in partnership with Intel and Microsoft. Click here for more information and to register for this event.