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Mouth-watering recipes from the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail: Empanadillas Gyoza at Salamanca

Looking for something special to taste? We spoke to the men behind one of the signature dishes of the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail, Dublin, and they gave us the recipe.

The signature dish for Salamanca on the Tapas Trail is empanadillas

“The signature dish for the Tapas Trail at Salamanca is based on a dish we used to have back in Spain called empanadilla. It’s a half-moon shaped pastry, but for our dish we replaced the pastry with the recipe for a Gyoza dumpling, a Japanese dumpling. It’s crispier and maybe better suited to the Irish palate. We fill it with a black pudding that is made with rice, it’s different to the pudding made with barley that you find in Ireland,” says Jorge Hernandez, the Sous Chef at Drury Buildings.

“The pudding comes from Burgos in Castile in northern Spain. In Spain we’re big into dried figs, so we serve it with those. It complements the flavour of the pudding you have a sweet and a savoury together.”

“The Spanish pudding has a different flavour to that of the Irish one. It has a touch of a cinnamon taste. When I make it myself at home I add more cinnamon and pepper. I try to find the black pudding I remember from when I was a child. The traditional pudding is stuffed with pisto, which is a kind of Spanish ratatouille, to me it is like a big treat.”

“The dried figs give a kind of liquorice taste and it really matches well with the Empanadilla. The plates always come back clean… The perfect wine with this is a young Rioja or Tempranillo so Campo Viejo is just the perfect accompaniment.”

You can enjoy these incredible flavours on the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail which takes place in Dublin from 7th of June to 3rd of July Tuesdays and Sundays, before moving to Cork and Galway.

“The feedback is really good. At the moment we are serving it on the Tapas Trail and we serve it with prawns and other delicious things and it really wows the Irish customers. Irish people like to nibble when they’re out. I know when the traditional Irish meal is meat and vegetables but when they go out I think Irish people are more appreciative of the tapas way of eating they like to eat and drink.”

Empanadillas Gyoza de Morcilla y Queso

Serves: 4 people

Prep Time: 30 minutes


(For the Pastries)

1 Packet of Gyoza pastry (It comes already in individual circles for easier use)

1 Piece Burgos Rice Black Pudding (approx 300gr)

50gr of Brie cheese cut into small dice

Extra virgin olive oil

(For the Chutney)

20 dried figs

10ml White wine vinegar

2 tablespoons of honey


5 cloves

1/2 tablespoon cracked pepper


Step 1 - Put chutney ingredients in a pot and add water just to cover.

Step 2 - Bring to a boil and simmer on a very low heat until the figs rehydrate and the liquid mixture thickens, put aside to chill.

Step 3 - While you wait for the chutney to be ready mix the black pudding, cinnamon and cracked pepper with your hands until you get everything well mixed and get a soft paste.

Step 4 - With that paste, make small balls with a small dice of brie in the middle.

Step 5 - Place the circles of pastry on the worktop and put the small ball of black pudding in the middle of the circle.

Step 6 -Brush egg wash on the borders of the pastry and close them forming half-moon shapes.

Step 7 - In a small pan have the olive oil warm and ready to deep fry the pastries in small numbers so they get well crispy and the oil doesn't get cold when you put them in.

Step 8 - Cook until borders get golden and place them on a plate with kitchen paper to get rid of any excess of oil.

Step 9 - Serve on a plate and top them with the rehydrated figs.

Step 10 - Drizzle some of the syrup around the plate to decorate.



Meet the Chefs

Aleksander Dimitrov, head chef of Salamanca Tapas Bar & Restaurant took over from his predecessor Rafa Fernandez in August 2015. Prior to that Aleksander worked as Rafa's sous for 3 years in Salamanca. Together they developed the Salamanca Brand and brought it much success as one of the best Tapas Bars in the city. Swiss-born, Aleksander is an accomplished chef in his own right, with a strong combination of culinary experience and management skills gained in award winning venues. He is now in the process of bringing Salamanca to further success with his sous, Spanish-born Chef, Jorge Hernandez Pastor who joined the team in August 2015. Together they are working behind the scenes, creating new Tapas dishes which have and will feature on our menus very soon. Aleksander's motto is "simplicity is more"

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