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Meet the Dogs Trust dogs

Diamond is just one of the dogs up for adoption from Dogs Trust
Diamond is just one of the dogs up for adoption from Dogs Trust

Could you be that special someone for one of these dogs?

Dogs Trust is Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity. They rescue abandoned dogs from local authority pounds all over the country and help get them back on their paws.

Last year, the charity found new homes for 2,825 dogs thanks to the kindness of some very special people. When the dogs are brought to the rehoming centre, Dogs Trust gets to know each of their individual personalities, to help find them the best match for their forever family.

While those families taking in these dogs might not feel like heroes, they make a huge difference in the lives of their new pets and become that special someone for their dog.

Looking for a new member of your family? Here are just some of the amazing dogs at the Dogs Trust rehoming centre who are trying to find their special someone:

Diamond, pawtrait by Audrey Dalton


Like name, like nature. This five-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier is a real diamond. From rough beginnings, Diamond came to Dogs Trust as a stray but with lots of love and care, she is back to her playful and fun-loving self. Diamond has been a hit with the staff and volunteers at the rehoming centre, she is social and gets on well with people. Diamond has struggled a bit around other dogs because of her difficult past but the Training and Behaviour Team have been helping her grow her confidence.

Want to make Diamond the latest member of your family? Dogs Trust will support Diamond’s adopters to continue with her training programme at home. She is very friendly and would get on well as a loveable house dog.

Missy, photo credit: Jason Seagrave


When Missy came to Dogs Trust, she was heavily pregnant. Misty is a five-year old greyhound and she is looking for her forever family.  She gave birth to her eight beautiful pups shortly after she arrived at Dogs Trust, they are now weaned and are moving on to finding their own new homes.

Missy was shy and lacking in confidence when she first came to the rehoming centre but she is growing more and more each day. So much so that if you looked away from your dinner for a second, she would run off with it!

Missy would be the perfect dog for a family with older children. She is very good natured and would get on well with other dogs. She would make a great addition to a quiet and calm home.

Kip, pawtrait by Audrey Dalton


Looking for a pal to keep you company during the day? Then Kip is the dog for you. She is an eight-year-old lurcher and while she may be old in dog years, Kip is a very lively girl and sometimes can even get a bit giddy! Kip gets nervous about new things so her adopters would have to visit her a few times so they can get to know each other but to know Kip is to love her. Once you have made that special bond with Kip, she loves nothing more than a cuddle on the couch with her favourite human.

Kip would be most comfortable in a home with no young children and she loves quality time together with her human friends so would work best with an adopter who is at home for a lot of the day like a retired couple or someone who is self-employed.

Ollie, photo credit: Jason Seagrave


This healthy and happy six-year old retriever cross called Ollie really just wants to be loved. Ollie likes getting to know people but can also get a little frightened when he meets you for the first time. Taking Ollie into your family will be life changing, in a safe and loving home Ollie will learn to not be scared anymore. Count yourself as a couch potato? Just like you, Ollie loves to spend his days lazing on the sofa and filling up on yummy treats.

Ollie mixes well with other dogs but would prefer an adult only home. Be a hero for Ollie: let this cuddly and adorable dog complete your little family.

Sukie, photo credit: Jason Seagrave


In need of a walking companion? Sukie is a three-year old terrier cross and she loves getting out for a walk. She would love spending quality time with her forever family, enjoying the outdoors together. While Sukie loves heading outside, she also has a very active mind. With training in your home and through classes, Sukie would make a brilliant pet for a family with older children.

Sukie loves making friends and gets along very well with other dogs. If you already have another dog in your home, the team at Dogs Trust will make sure they first get acquainted at the rehoming centre, and we have no doubt that they will be lifelong friends!

Porkie, pawtrait by Audrey Dalton


This Staffordshire bull terrier cross is just one year old and after seeing him once, he will capture your heart. Porkie is full of youthful energy and is very affectionate. He can get over-excited very quickly but he is working with the Training Team to grow into a calm and cool adult. Thankfully, Porkie takes very well to training because he loves tasty treats.

Porkie is a boisterous boy and would suit an adult home because this big and bouncy rascal could knock over young kids without meaning to when he runs around. If you already have a sensible and mature dog, he could make a great companion for Porkie once they meet at the rehoming centre.

Dogs Trust is Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, and there are currently 187 dogs and puppies in their rehoming centre, waiting on their special someone to come and take them home forever.

Dogs Trust have dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes so if you think you could be a special someone to a rescue dog, please visit Dogs Trust and find your perfect match!

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