Saturday 16 December 2017

Match your recipes to your running

Dine and dash

There is no point following a training programme religiously without matching it with what you eat. Getting enough of the right kinds of food like protein and carbohydrates when you are training really makes the difference.

With so much on your plate with work, looking after your family and getting your run in, don’t let eating right get forgotten about. By matching your recipes with your running, you will feel stronger and have more time to concentrate on what’s important.

Vhi Support Team Member and Masterchef winner David Gillick is a former Olympian so he really knows the importance of matching your food and fitness. He has come up with some great recipes to help get you inspired.

Here are some top tips for fuelling your fitness plan and feeling great while training for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon:

Perfect match

To make sure you make the most out of your sessions, you have to make sure you are giving yourself the right fuel. If you have planned to do a longer run in the evening, make sure you eat a balanced meal with carbohydrates like pesto chicken pasta to ensure you have enough energy for a longer session. While you are at work, keep a bottle of water at your desk which you can drink over the course of the day to ensure you are hydrated for your session. After coming in from training, have a meal with a good source of protein like spinach and feta scrambled eggs so you are fully recovered for your next run.

Here’s one I prepared earlier

From following all the biggest fitness bloggers and personal trainers, you will notice that meal prep is so important when working towards a fitness goal. With so much of your free time dedicated to training, you have less time and energy for cooking. After a long run, the last thing you want to do is start into peeling and chopping vegetables for your evening meal. Without pre-prepared meals ready, you are often tempted to eat a ready meal or something quick after coming in from a training session. Small things like preparing the vegetables for your dinner the night before or even making a packed lunch for work means that you are eating healthy meals and getting the most out of your run.

Prep ready

Having your meals pre-prepared can leave you more time for training but how exactly do you go about it? After deciding what meals you want to cook for the week, do one big shop to get everything you need, saving yourself time instead of doing several small trips over the course of the week. You’ll need to invest in some plastic lunch boxes so you can divide the meals into portions for several days. It’s a good idea to clear out your freezer so you have plenty of room to store any dinners for later in the week. Another good purchase is a slow-cooker, you can cut up some meat and vegetables then leave them cooking for the day and you can come home to a lovely wholesome stew after your run.

Looking for inspiration

When you are deciding on what to buy for the week, it is often hard to think of nutritious and tasty meals. Take a look on Facebook and Instagram for great health and fitness bloggers to follow who put up new quick and easy recipes every day. To give you a head start, David Gillick has been posting recipes each week specifically designed with the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in mind. If you are doing the run with a few friends, make it a team effort. Ask them to share their recipes with you. By swapping recipes with each other, you will always have a new meal idea.

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