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Low code software: Will it change the future of business in Ireland?



Business is fundamentally changing. You only need to look online, visit a growing enterprise or enter your local bank to see that things are moving forward at a rapid rate.

To keep up with this digital transformation, companies need to stay on top of the latest technology trends and find innovative ways to overcome any obstacles that they may face.

For many small and medium companies, the issue of web development is a prickly one. However, new software is promising to overcome some of the common problems associated with programming, low code.

 According to Gartner, “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65pc of all application development activity.”

This year, a new digital platform called Intrexx will be bringing low code to Ireland. United Planet has entered the Irish market to prove that the future of technology is low-code and any business challenge can be solved faster and more effectively than ever before. 

We caught up with Julien Berteraut, Head of Partner Sales at Intrexx to find out more about the company and how they plan to change Irish business for the better.


In fast-paced business environments, companies are always looking for innovative ways to speed up their processes. Julien believes that Intrexx can cut application development time considerably.

“Intrexx is a low code development platform,” he explains. “Low code means that it is software that allows you to develop applications either on desktop or mobile more quickly. The idea is that you can do it more quickly but also with less IT knowledge than other software.”

This speed and ease of use is attributed to the software’s drag and drop functionality.

“It’s like a building block system. When you launch the software it is not you writing lines of code, it’s more like dragging and dropping elements on the interface,” explains Julien.  “It’s like building Lego almost. The idea is that you can build applications much more quickly. This drag and drop functionality allows technical employees to work a lot quicker.”


In today’s digital world, adaptability is necessary to keep up with the competition. Low-code makes this transformation stress-free by cutting down costs and reducing the amount of time necessary to implement new software and build applications.

With Intrexx, any business process or digital application can be tweaked or added to the main portal interface. The software grows with the company and adapts to each mission.

In the long run, applications built with low-code platforms allow companies to be more flexible and agile, so they can not only react to changes faster, but they can potentially be the first leader amongst competitors.

“We offer out of the box and standard functionalities with our software but it is very adaptable so that you can change the applications very quickly,” states Julien. “That’s a huge advantage. Customers choose Intrexx because they can build individual applications for their own needs.”

This adaptability is echoed in the variety of sectors that are currently using the platform.

“We’re working with all different types of industries and sectors. We don’t have a focus on one particular industry. We work with banks, with government agencies, with schools, with insurance companies, with pharmaceutical companies, etc. because this is a very adaptable and flexible software.”



Low code solves an age-old problem in the tech sector. In the past, only IT professionals and developers could build applications. Thanks to software like Intrexx, more and more people will be able to quickly convert business ideas into applications and solutions without in-depth programming knowledge.

Rather than writing thousands of lines of complex code and syntax, low-code platforms enable companies to quickly build complete applications in a simple, visual and modern user interface.

“Our customers are using Intrexx to develop internal portals, for example, your company’s intranet in the workplace but also more complex systems such as customer portals, partner portals, etc.” explains Julien. “We want to help non-IT and non-technical people understand how it works so that they can be more involved in the digital strategy of their company.”


Of course, trust and cybersecurity are huge issues for businesses today. Before investing in low code software, many decision-makers will want to know more about the reliability of such products.

“We’re a German company,” jokes Julien. “All of our developers are here. All of our engineers are in-house too. We have 30 people working on it on a daily basis. The software is very stable and very secure. We work with banks and pharmaceutical companies in Germany. They have critical data so if a bank chooses Intrexx - with the data that they have - that means that the software is obviously very secure and safe.”

Why Ireland? Why now?

After 20 successful years in the German market, United Planet is now concentrating on expansion. Will low code change Irish business? It certainly looks that way.

If you are ready for the business of the future, United Planet is here to take on your individual challenge.

For more information on how Intrexx can revolutionise any company with low-code development, check out this whitepaper.


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