Wednesday 19 December 2018

Love your everyday luxuries? Let us treat you with a luxury hotel stay

First there was mindfulness, then hygge. In 2018, we’re all about self-care. While it might be the latest buzzword in health, self-care goes beyond just making ourselves feel good- it’s also necessary for our mental wellbeing.

Indulging in everyday luxuries can be a great pick-me-up and needn’t be costly. In fact, a luxury isn’t necessarily something that is expensive, rather something that makes our lives a little more comfortable. While we love our everyday luxuries, nothing quite beats a luxurious hotel break. We have a €1,000 Powerscourt Hotel voucher up for grabs, just take our quiz below to be in with a chance of winning.

For those everyday moments you need a little 'me time' read on for our favourite ways to indulge.

From bedroom to boudoir

Considering we spend so much of our life in our bedroom it makes sense to give the space some TLC. Although it can be hard to maintain a bedroom that rivals a five-star suite every single day, there are simple things we can do to make entering our bedroom a truly luxurious moment.

It sounds simple, but making your bed with freshly washed linen makes all the difference. Add a touch of fabric softener to make your sheets pearly smooth or add your own natural fabric scent. A quick DIY method is to add around twenty drops (depending how intense you want the fragrance) of your favourite natural essential oil to a few cups of Epsom salt. Stir thoroughly and let the mixture dry, then add a small heaped spoon to your washing machine load. Voila! Beautifully scented sheets, naturally.

Brunch at home

Brunch is arguably our favourite way to dine out. The perfect combination of breakfast and lunch dishes, it’s the ideal way to set yourself up for the day. If you’re in need of some luxurious lunching, why not recreate your favourite brunch dishes at home? It’s the perfect way to get your brunching fix without leaving the house. The beauty of most of these dishes is that they are relatively simple to make yourself; if you can master a poached egg, you’re halfway there. Squeeze some fresh orange juice, pick up the paper and settle in for a lazy, but totally luxurious, morning in.

Self-care from top to toe

A trip to the beauty salon is a treat most of us indulge in once in a while but you can easily replicate your favourite treatment at home for an instant boost. At-home foot spas are one of the simplest ways to indulge in a beauty treatment without having to leave the house. Simply fill a shallow basin with warm water and whatever natural oils or lotions you like. Essential oils can add a relaxing fragrance while moisturising body washes will make your feet soft and supple. Settle down with a good book or your favourite music and let your DIY spa works its magic.

The great outdoors

A generation ago, getting outside was hardly considered a luxury. In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time indoors, usually in front of a screen, having a digital detox outdoors really is something to savour. Getting outside, whether it’s for a gentle stroll, brisk walk or simply taking in your surroundings, is good for both mind and body.

Take five

In a fast-paced world, taking a few minutes to sit down and relax is one of the ultimate luxuries. Affording yourself a moment or two in the midst of a busy day really goes a long way in keeping your energy levels up and your mental wellbeing balanced. Take an afternoon or morning tea break with a healthy snack like fresh fruit, vegetables sticks with a tasty dip or a nutritious treat like Velvet Crunch’s Ancient Grains and Lentil Snacks for an instant boost to mind and body. Made from energy boosting quinoa and lentils, these delicious snacks have less than 80 calories per serving. The new Chorizo and Red Pepper flavour delivers an intensely savoury hit while the Sweet BBQ is tangy and subtly spiced, offering punchy flavour in a health-conscious snack.

Velvet Crunch is offering one lucky reader a €1,000 voucher to spend at one of Ireland’s most luxurious destinations, Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow. To enter, simply take part in our quiz below and enter your email address for a chance to win. T&Cs apply.

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