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Kevin Dundon: My Life in the Car


Spending sometimes hours per day in the car, celebrity chef Kevin Dundon needs a car that ticks all the boxes.

Kevin Dundon is a busy man. Not only does he run the Dunbrody Country House Hotel, in Wexford, but as one of Ireland’s foremost celebrity chefs and television personalities he has a busy schedule up and down the country. As a father of three children, even when he has some down time, he’s on the go.

Anyone with children will know the amount of time you spend in the car - football practice, matches, school runs and playdates… “Sometimes I feel like a taxi driver”, says Kevin. But when he’s travelling the country meeting commitments or hitting the road to meet local producers who supply his restaurant, all the time behind the wheel adds up.

Kevin Dundon drives a Ford Mondeo “It’s comfortable, it’s sleek-looking, it has loads of gadgets and I spend a lot of time in the car so it’s really important that I’m able to talk hands-free on the phone, I do a lot of work there,” says Kevin.

Ford joined Kevin at home in Dunbrody, Wexford, to film a day in the life of the busy chef and hotel owner, following him when he’s out and about, picking up produce and bring his son to hurling practice. For Kevin the car is everything, transport and mobile office.

Of course Kevin has two abiding passions in life, cooking and his family and the two complement each other perfectly. Kevin invites us into his kitchen to share a couple of health, delicious recipes for the family on the go. Enjoy!


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