Saturday 25 January 2020

Join their journey as these four people stop smoking

John Egan, David Murray, Alice Lacey and Emma McCormack (back to front, left to right)
John Egan, David Murray, Alice Lacey and Emma McCormack (back to front, left to right)

Sasha Kinch

Giving up smoking is no easy feat, but we met four people who were determined to quit.

Meet John, David, Alice and Emma. Four people from different parts of the country, with different jobs and lifestyles, but one goal in mind – to give up smoking once and for all. Supported by life coach Marian Byrne, the four participants hope to stop smoking using only will power and determination. Marian provides a space for them to share their stories, their motivations and their goals, helping them understand themselves, their reasons for smoking and their motivations for stopping.

Are you thinking of giving up smoking? Do you need encouragement and support? Follow John, David, Alice and Emma as they embark on their journey to give up smoking together. Coming together once a week to share their trials and their successes, when they felt most like lighting up and how good they felt when they resisted, these four brave, determined people can help inspire you to kick the habit as well. Follow their story in this series of videos and updates (#MyQuitJourney on Twitter) for the real life struggle to wrest back control of their lives and embrace a smoke-free future.

Emma, 34

Emma is a mother to two daughters, and works as a tutor for children with Autism and as a social care worker in residential services for adults with Autism. Her motivation for quitting is her children.

John, 43

John is the assistant greenkeeper at Rathfarnham golf course. His motivation for quitting is his children and his health. His goal is to represent Ireland at next year’s European Tae Kwon Do Championship in England.

David, 35

David works in the Irish Defence Forces. His motivation is also for his family and his health. His active job means he needs to be in peak physical condition and he feels smoking is taking its toll on his body.

Alice, 28

Alice works for an animal welfare organisation in the South East. She is incredibly passionate about the work she does, and is concerned the smoking will stop her from continuing this vital work.

Meet these incredible people as they begin their journey to being smoke-free.

Follow the team as they dig deeper into their motivation and their method in their first session:

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