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It’s never too late to start investing


Jennifer Nolan, Managing Director of Dublin Stevedores, discusses choosing to invest with Irish Life MAPS.

When Jennifer Nolan first started thinking about investing, she didn’t know what the best option for her would be. Like most of us, she knew she wanted to enjoy a comfortable future one day – but wasn’t sure where to begin with planning.

“Starting out, I didn’t really have a clue about investments myself, so I went through a financial adviser.”

“I’m investing 20 years now… I was quite young when I started – I’ve always tried to be financially prudent.”

Jennifer now has an Irish Life MAPS fund, which she is very happy with.

“I would be somewhere in between cautious and adventurous when it comes to investing – but maybe more on the adventurous side.

“I carried out a risk profile with my broker, and what came out of that was that I was five on a scale of seven.

“My investor profile definitely tied in to the particular Irish Life MAPS fund that I chose.

“I’m quite comfortable with the investment – I know it’s for the long term, so I don’t feel the need to check its status that frequently. I know I can move to a more conservative fund when I get nearer to retirement, to help lock in the value I’ve gained.”

Jennifer recommends speaking to someone in the know before you make the decision to invest: “Definitely go to a qualified financial adviser – that’s important.”

The right choice

When it came to choosing Irish Life, Jennifer had no hesitations: “As an employer, I had a lot of experience with Irish Life. I trust them. That would be one reason I picked them in particular.”

Jennifer argues that it’s never too early to start thinking about investments.

“I would really advise people to look into starting investing when they start their working life, because it really makes a difference – over your years working, you see the fund grow.

“But I also think it’s never too late to start investing either.”

Get comfortable investing in 3 easy steps

1. Get your investor profile

Visit  and click ‘What kind of investor am I?’ to answer some quick questions and build your investor profile.

“In the online test there are 15 very straightforward multiple choice question,” says John Groarke, marketing manager at Irish Life. “Some questions touch on past experience of investing or owning shares. Others touch on things like, if you invest, how you would feel if the values went up or down. So, they test things like your past experience, your risk appetite, and your attitude to investing and your emotional response. The test is about getting a personal picture for each investor and there is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions – it’s your answer.”

2. Match to the fund that suits

Whether you are a careful or adventurous investor, or somewhere in between, you will discover the Irish Life MAPS (multi-asset portfolios) fund that could suit you.

For example, if your Investor Profile is “balanced”, Irish Life MAPS Fund 4 may be right for you. As a balanced investor, you accept the fact that to get a good potential return on your money, you can expect to see some movement up and down in the value of your investments from time to time.

3. See the expected range of returns

You know what type of investor you are and what Irish Life MAPS fund could best meet your needs.  Now is the time to discover the expected range of returns for that fund over different time periods. Investments can fall as well as rise, but once you know what range of returns you can expect back, you may feel more financially secure.

“When you keep your money on deposit, you know you’re going to get 1 per cent per annum or whatever it is,” says John. “People may be reluctant to invest because they don’t know what they might get back. We can remove that barrier by showing you what you might get back.”

Irish Life MAPS

With Irish Life MAPS, you can start investing with a relatively small amount of money, by using a lump sum or a series of regular amounts. Your money is invested in funds that buy assets such as shares, properties, bonds or commodities, which have the potential to grow at a faster rate than inflation. This means the value of your investment has the opportunity to achieve a higher return for you in the long term.

There are a range of Irish Life MAPS funds developed to suit the needs of different types of investor profiles – from the Conservative to the Very Adventurous. If you are more conservative when it comes to investing, then Irish Life MAPS Fund 3 may be suited to you – this aims to have a significant proportion invested in cash and bonds and a lower allocation to assets such as shares and property. For those who feel more experienced, adventurous or very adventurous, Irish Life MAPS 5 or Irish Life MAPS 6 may be best suited.

Are you ready to invest?

Before you begin your journey, explore your investment needs to ensure you’re ready

  • What are your financial goals – what do you want to do with your investment?
  • How long do you want to invest your money for?
  • What is your Investor Profile – are you Careful or Very Adventurous?
  • How much access to your money do you need? The longer you invest your money the better the returns tend to be; however, you should consider if you might need your funds in the meantime and factor this in.
  • What are your long-term goals? Consider how comfortable you would be with up and downs in the value of your investment

Remember, you can always contact your financial broker or adviser or visit to help you find out more about starting your investment journey.

To discover your investor profile and discover the right path for you, visit or talk to your Financial Broker or Adviser

Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Information correct as of April 2016.

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