Sunday 18 November 2018

“It got us through storm Ophelia” – How to protect your home against power cuts

Storm Ophelia proved in the most dramatic of ways that Ireland is not impervious to severe weather events.

The heroic efforts of the combined work of Ireland’s emergency and support services are still continuing with a massive nationwide clear-up operation. Families, farms and homes across the country are counting the cost. 

The loss of power can be one of the most difficult challenges when a storm hits. So how do you future-proof and protect your farm against power cuts in the future?

Kilkenny-based Martin Murphy - a suckler and dry stock farmer - suffers regular power cuts throughout the year where he lives at Muckalee.

“It happens all the time – throughout the year – in the area that we are in”. He and his family were ready for any loss of power that Storm Ophelia brought this time however.

Last February he decided enough was enough and made the decision to buy two Briggs and Stratton gas powered generators for his own home and for the farm.

“When the power goes – there is nothing like it”

Martin admits that they are two of the best purchases he has ever made. “When the power goes, there is nothing like it. I was tired of coming home from work – I work for a local garden machinery company – and I’d find a power cut and be faced with cattle roaring because there was no water in the trough or they had broken out again because the electric fences were down.” 

“Aside from the power going off, we still get letters three or four times a year saying that the electricity supply will be off from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. I also didn’t want my mother to be without power either, so I got a 8kw generator for the house and a 14kw generator for the farm.” 

“It is just brilliant. When the power goes, it kicks in within three seconds and the lights are back on again. My mother now finds that when there’s a power cut the yard is suddenly full and people are visiting her to watch tv or whatever as they’re in the dark and she has power. It has become very sociable for her!”

“Our daughter even got through her exam in the storm”

During Storm Ophelia, Martin, his wife and two teenage daughters found themselves without power at 11.30 that morning. “It was not even that windy outside. The generator kicked in and we were completely fine. It was brilliant. Luckily enough, our power came back at 7.30pm or 8pm that night. But there were lots of places around nearby where the electricity did not come back until the following night at 8pm.”

“Our daughter Áine who is studying Food Science had a maths exam to do during the storm. She was able to submit it that day and keep going. I was thinking of all the other people that would not have been able to do that as they couldn’t use their computers.” 

Martin also points out that with a gas powered generator “you’re not lugging petrol or diesel. It’s run off gas bottles. I’ve put 26 hours on it already since February and I’m still working off a half full bottle of gas that I bought.”

Weekly Diagnostics Check for Safety and Confidence

“Another thing I like about these gas powered generators is that once a week – for me it’s 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon – it cuts in for 10 minutes and does a full weekly diagnostics check, runs through the settings and tells you everything – whether the gas is low, how the air filter is etc. So if and when you need it – you are guaranteed it will work.”

If you are considering a gas powered generator for your home or farm and want a safe reliable and automatic solution that will ensure that you don’t lose electrical power a Briggs and Stratton gas powered generator could be the perfect solution for you.

So how do they work?

Powered by Mains Natural gas or by Gas cylinders, these stand by generators can be fitted with an automatic transfer switch to ensure the smooth changeover between the mains supply and the generator happens immediately.

It starts seconds after sensing a power cut

Once installed, the Briggs and Stratton Stand By Generator starts automatically, seconds after sensing a power cut using the Automatic Transfer Switch. The switch automatically transfers power to the generator when the mains power fails, providing the highest protection for continuous power. Once mains power is restored, the Automatic Transfer Switch smoothly reverses power from the generator to the mains.

Monitored Weekly and 100 Years of Experience

The integrated control panel automatically runs the standby generator once a week for monitoring and diagnostics. Briggs and Stratton have been providing reliable engine power for over 100 years and are synonymous with dependability, quality and trustworthiness. There are two products available - an 8kw and a 14kw generator – both powered by professional, heavy duty Vanguard twin cylinder engines. They are manufactured from galvanised steel which is rust resistant and durable for all weathers.

For more information go to or phone 056 444 1988.


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