Monday 17 December 2018

Is your business ready for the future?

Is your business empowered and ready for the future?

Ireland’s economy is projected to keep growing robustly in 2018 and every business wants to aim to reach its full potential and grow and thrive into the future. 

Taking time out to analyse the specific challenges to your business and seeking actionable advice and expertise is an ideal starting point towards future-proofing, whether you are a start-up, an SME or a multi-national.

Communications sits at the core of all businesses, no matter what the sector and while the changing technological and communications landscape can be highly challenging, it can often be the key to opening up great opportunities for those businesses that choose to be agile and ready to adapt.

While the speed and complexity of digital change continues at pace, businesses that take time to regularly review their communications and technology strategies are the most likely to remain ahead of the curve and thrive into the future. 

So how do you assess your business readiness to ensure that you are as competitive as possible?  

Vodafone has launched a new ‘Future Ready Indicator’ to support businesses across Ireland with communications solutions to ensure they are ‘ready for the future’.

The Future Ready Indicator is designed to help users assess their business readiness and to offer actionable advice about how Vodafone’s products and services can help them be primed for the future. 

Is your business ready? The Future Ready Indicator  is a free, quick and practical online assessment which allows businesses to:

  • Identify the challenges most relevant to their business
  • Answer questions related to these challenges
  • Identify their ‘readiness’ score based on their answers
  • Find out how Vodafone products and expertise can help address their challenges and the impact these products would have on their score

Your Readiness Score will analyze your business operations and how they currently sit; your employees and your customers.

If you’re an MD, CEO, founder, decision maker or decision influencer within a company and would like further insight on where to focus when it comes to communications, why not take the Vodafone Future Ready Indicator to ensure you are future-proofed for 2018 and beyond.

Sponsored by: Vodafone

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