Sunday 20 January 2019

Irish families on what it means to start a new job

Life is full of changes- it's what keeps things interesting. Most of us can remember the first big change in our lives; perhaps it was moving house, changing schools or the arrival of a new sibling. Change can be a momentous thing, but it is also necessary in life so that we continue to learn, grow and develop.

When it comes to family, things are always changing. Kids grow up, the family may grow and parents change jobs.

A career change is a big thing for the individual – it can literally be life changing. While mum or dad might be preoccupied with familiarising themselves with a new role or new level of responsibility kids are likely to notice the little things. They may not yet be concerned with what it means to do 9 to 5 but there are lots of things that don’t go by unnoticed- like the fact dad has more time to do the dishwasher, while mum can sit down and relax.

We spoke to Irish families about the big career changes they have undergone and what their kids think about their parents’ new job.

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