Monday 17 December 2018

Irish families on loving their first pet

There’s no other relationship like the one we have with our first pet.

These furry, feathered or scaled creatures occupy a very special place in our hearts. First pets very quickly find their way both into our hearts and into our homes, despite assurances they wouldn’t venture out of their bed and into ours.

First pets are more than just pets; they become a member of the family. Kids grow up with their pets by their sides- on bad days a snuggle with a favourite pet is as comforting as a hug from mum or dad. First pets entertain, excite and inspire. They teach us about compassion, patience and just how stubborn those muddy paw prints can be on a carpet.

For a lot of us, getting that first pet took a bit of convincing. We made promises to walk, wash and feed them- for a lot of kids, a first pet is also a first taste of responsibility.

Family life is full of firsts and asked Irish families what a first pet means to them. For some kids, it meant making promises to do household chores and for parents, it meant sometimes ignoring that bit of food disappearing off someone’s plate and going under the table. This is what their first pet means to them…

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