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Introduce the family to 10 million of Ireland’s emigrants


Interactive quiz at EPIC

Interactive quiz at EPIC

Interactive quiz at EPIC

With the summer holidays in full swing, planning a fun day out that the whole family can enjoy is at the top of every parent’s to-do list. And for that, a trip to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, is bound to tick all the boxes. With something for all ages, a family day out in Dublin’s Docklands is not to be missed.

Meet the Irish people who left home and started new lives around the globe. Read letters written to loved ones from far off places and delve into the stacks of stories available at your fingertips. EPIC is the perfect combination of history, storytelling and interactive fun.

Two people who are due to make a historic visit to Dublin this month are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The couple will visit EPIC during their stay. So pack up the car and get the family ready for a destination that is worthy of royalty. Here are our top reasons to visit EPIC this summer.


Although EPIC is nestled in the vaults of a building originally built in 1820, the museum is very much part of the 21st century. Irish history is brought to life during the tour using a host of sleek and modern technology. EPIC is the first of its kind in the world and is sure to be a huge hit with the kids and teenagers of the family.

In an age where iPads and smartphones are part of every day life, kids will love stepping into this digital and historical world. Throughout its twenty galleries, the museum uses touch screens, immersive quizzes, video, audio and interactive booths to keep you intrigued along the way.


Send a digital postcard to family and friends

Send a digital postcard to family and friends

Send a digital postcard to family and friends

Passport fun

Give the kids a real sense of travel and adventure by collecting their museum passport at the start of your visit. The passport doubles as a fun souvenir as well as a map of the museum itself.

Each room has its own passport station where visitors can collect a stamp to log their journey through EPIC. And as if that wasn’t fun enough, at the end of the tour you can use your passport to unlock an interactive postcard to send to family and friends.

Meet history face to face

Over 10 million people have emigrated from Ireland since 1800, some leaving with hope of a new life and others fleeing social and political oppression. From the great famine to the more recent crash of the Celtic Tiger, to sport stars and Hollywood sirens - Ireland has a long tradition of emigration.

Learn about the thousands of Irish convicts who were shipped to Australia during the 1800s and meet those who gave up their homes in Ireland to help those in need around the planet.

EPIC puts a face and a name to some of these people, allowing visitors to make a real human connection with the past.

Step inside the human brain

Perhaps one of the most visually spectacular parts of EPIC is the discovering and inventing area. Step inside the human brain in this room and walk among ceiling-high illuminating structures. This room is the perfect spot for a family photo, as the beautiful blue installation twinkles behind you.

This room also gives the whole family a chance to discover lots of facts about Ireland’s connection to science and invention. From earth shattering discoveries in geology, to mind blowing research in neurology, your jaw will be on the floor after this section.

The arts

Creativity is a huge part of Irish culture, and in turn takes centre stage at EPIC museum.

Why not get the whole family to try some Irish dancing in the music and dance section? Not sure how? Just follow the printed graphics on the floor and go with the music.


The whispering library at EPIC

The whispering library at EPIC

The whispering library at EPIC

Harry Potter fans will feel as if they have stepped inside Hogwarts when they reach the whispering library at EPIC. Two giant digital books are just waiting to be interacted with; telling tales of writers, characters and Irish literature throughout the ages. Just don’t forget to check out some of the books that line the walls of this room – some of them will even read to you when you pull them away from the shelf!

Across the hall jump into one of the four interactive booths and meet the best in Irish show business. From comedy, cinema, broadcasting and theatre – you will feel like you are at the front row of an Irish red carpet.

Food & drink

Feeling peckish? EPIC is located in the bustling CHQ building on Custom House Quay. The building is home to some of the finest eateries in the city so you can enjoy a gorgeous family meal while overlooking the river. From delicious fresh salads to juicy BBQs, EPIC is located right in the heart of one of Dublin’s foodie hubs. Enjoy your meal before, after or even during your tour – re-entry is permitted on the day once you hold on to your tickets.

Free audio tour

Be sure to get the most out of your trip and download the free EPIC audio tour app before you arrive. The app will guide you through the museum and give you lots of extra tips and info as you take your journey through the museum.

To book your family ticket or find out more click HERE.

10 Million Irish emigrants can’t wait to meet you!

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