Tuesday 28 January 2020

I Love My Age: Luke Fitzgerald, 29

Having retired from professional rugby last year Luke Fitzgerald is excited about embracing a whole new chapter in his life.

For so long the future of Irish rugby, it is astonishing to anyone who follows the sport that Luke Fitzgerald is only 29 years of age. He’s been lighting up Leinster and Ireland games with his astonishing turn of pace, quick feet and soft hands for so long, that sometimes it seems like he’s a lot older than he is.

Then we’re reminded that Luke exploded onto the scene almost straight from school. As all professional athletes do, Luke is facing into life after sports and while some may choose to dwell on the past, Luke is tackling his future with the exuberance that made him a standout player on every team he graced.

Finishing his studies and with a world of possibilities at his feet, maybe business and finance, maybe more media work for which he has a natural talent, and maybe a family, Luke has it all to play for for and he’s getting stuck in.

The video above featuring Luke was captured at the 'I Love My Age' event in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin in association with Yoplait. Bringing together Irish people age 1-100 from all walks of life Yoplait asked people to describe what the love about being the age they’re at. There’s something to love about every age. Every year affords us new possibilities, new experiences, we are constantly growing and whatever age you are is the right age.

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