Monday 18 December 2017

I Love My Age: Celia Holman Lee, 65

One of Ireland’s most successful models Celia Holman Lee, at 65 years of age, shows no signs of slowing down.

The stunning Irish woman, model and model agent was the most sought after faces of the seventies and eighties in Ireland. But if anything she has improved with age. Experience has afforded Celia a sense of contentment and independence, as well as the wisdom to have the right priorities in life.

A hugely successful business woman, Celia says she’s lucky to still be involved in the fashion industry after all these years. It’s over fifty years since Celia was spotted by a talent scout while working as a shop assistant and went on the become Ireland’s most in demand model. She set up her own model agency and says she is lucky because her children are involved in the business too.

Traditionally 65 is retirement age, people look at slowing down, taking up golf or just spending more time in a hammock. However Celia is in her element, both as a business woman, a mother and a grandmother.

Celia has seen a lot of change in Ireland over the years and a lot of change in fashion. Trends come and go, but style is permanent and talking to Celia she certainly exudes a style, not only in how beautifully turned out she always is but also in her carriage. She radiates the energy of a woman very much at peace with the world, happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin.

The video above featuring Celia was captured at the 'I Love My Age' event in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin in association with Yoplait. Bringing together Irish people age 1-100 from all walks of life Yoplait asked people to describe what the love about being the age they’re at. There’s something to love about every age. Every year affords us new possibilities, new experiences, we are constantly growing and whatever age you are is the right age.

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