Monday 19 August 2019

How Vodafone helped these families Get Closer this Christmas

It’s Christmas and while we’re all together with friends and family some people weren’t able to spend the day with their close family and friends. That’s why Vodafone have arranged three unforgettable experiences for some of those who can’t this year.

Edwin surprises grandchildren Max and Ella with a once in a lifetime rugby experience

There’s not been one year that Edwin hasn’t spent Christmas Day in the company of his son, David, and his two grandchildren, Max and Ella. Although Edwin lives in Donegal and his family in Wicklow, they looked forward to spending that time together, sharing stories and jokes over dinner – and talking about their love of rugby. This year, however, Edwin has to spend the day with another relative elsewhere in Ireland, meaning the family tradition will be broken.

So, Edwin wanted to look for another way to share Christmas with his family and he was determined to make sure that this Christmas would be just as special as previous years.

Colm gets a pre-Christmas foodie surprise

Colm, who is a big foodie from Co Cork, loves this Christmas tradition. But, for the first time ever, Colm will be spending this Christmas with his wife, Sorcha, on the other side of the world – in China, where Sorcha’s brother is doing an Erasmus programme, away from his wider family. So, determined for Colm not to miss out on one of his favourite parts of Christmas, his sister Niamh nominated him for a luxury dining experience with renowned celebrity chef, Derry Clarke, in the chef’s kitchen in l’Ecrivain, a Michelin-star restaurant in Dublin.

Laura’s comedy surprise

Tommy knew that this year he wouldn’t see his sister Laura over Christmas because of the travelling distance between them – Tommy is based in Cork and will be spending it with his young family, while Laura is based in Donegal and will be spending it with hers. So this year he wanted to do something extra special for her.

He nominated Laura for a comedy experience with stand-up comedian Fred Cooke in the Penthouse suite of the Morgan Hotel. When Vodafone told Tommy he had won the surprise for Laura, he and Laura’s partner Gerry went about secretly planning the day.

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