Sunday 19 November 2017

How to make your house stand out: 5-step guide

It’s all in the detail.

Selling your home is a big deal. With so much consider, it’s often hard to make your house different from the hundreds of other properties on the market.

Getting your house noticed is down to keeping things simple and paying attention to the details. You’ll be taking down that “for sale” sign sooner than you think!

From the initial online ad to impressing potential buyers at viewings, here is the guide to making sure your house stands out:

Professional photographs

Selling your house should always start with your online ad. Buyers are scrolling through hundreds of properties online and you need to ensure your home leaves a strong impression. Hiring a professional photographer is certain way to ensure your home stands out. The photographer will be able to advise you on the best time of day to take the pictures so that the rooms in your house are at their brightest. They also might have access to a drone to take aerial images of the whole property. Plenty of beautiful and bright photographs showcasing your home will make buyers take notice.

Less is more

It’s tempting when you are putting a house up for sale to spend money dressing the house so it looks appealing to buyers. The key to securing a sale is allowing the buyer to envision themselves living in the home so you should remove rather than add clutter. You should remove all family photographs and personal items. A clean, uncluttered space will allow the buyer to imagine themselves living there but has the added benefit of making the room appear bigger. By re-painting the walls in neutral colours, you give potential buyers a blank canvas to make their own.

First impression

Many sellers focus only on the house and neglect to tidy the garden and outside of the home. It is very difficult to reverse the potential buyer’s first impression: people viewing the property should be impressed long before they get out of their car. Estate agents call this “curb appeal”: the property should catch your eye from the footpath outside. Make sure the grass has been cut and garden has been tidied up. Add a few shrubs and flowers so your home leaves a lasting impact. It is also worth hiring a professional cleaner so that buyers are welcomed by an inviting, fresh smell.

Second opinion

When you have lived in a house for years, you often take it for granted. It can be hard to think of features of your property to highlight in the online ad to make your home stand out. It is worthwhile asking a friend or a colleague for their advice. They can point out features which you never noticed or forgot about when coming up with your ad. They could also identify any problems which could put off a potential buyer. Your estate agent will be able to provide professional advice on your house to catch a buyer’s attention.

Value for money

As much as you want our house to leave a lasting impression, it is important it stands out in a positive way. By not getting your home valued, you could scare off potential buyers by offering the house at a price which is not in line with other homes in the area. Once your home has been valued, you can put your house on the market at a price that will attract interest. It also means that you understand what your house is worth, making sure you get the best value when entering negotiations with buyers.

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